Saturday, 17 September 2016

Well it's hard to believe that it's nearly a full year since I've written anything here!

The last year has seen so many changes - like every year!

I still try and live as closely as possible to the paleo / primal principles that I believe in.
Basically- try and get 8 hours of quality sleep, eat things that are unprocessed and avoid sugars and grains.
I also try and get a decent amount of sun exposure and daily exercise. My job helps with that though as its both outside and physical.

Where I've been struggling is with keeping all these principles every day. When the stresses of running your own business and daily life all mount up, it's easy to go for an easy energy fix and to let go of what's best for you. I haven't let myself go, but at the same time I'm probably 10-12 pounds heavier and not as healthy as I was a year and a half ago. It would be green to get back there. But there's no point being negative about it, I merely have to go back to looking after myself better and keeping myself in line with what I believe, and not let work or anything like that get in the way.

So that's the diet side, the work side is amazing, every week sees an improvement in systems and procedures. This transition has been slightly stressful sometimes, but it has been an amazing growth spell. Which leads me on to the best part of the last year.

I'm a year older and maybe a year wiser.

Things are never black and white, never as obvious, you are never as bad, or as good as you imagine.

(You can see I still have the ability of talking utter...uhhh.... )

Things don't change and will never change unless you change yourself. Strip everything away... Money...possessions, who and what is left. That is your wealth.

It's futile to define yourself by these things, it doesn't work, not in the long run.

Life always throws us challenges, but do you know what, it's a chance for us to become wiser, smarter, more sure of ourselves.... To improve. Not into what other people want for us, but to fulfil who we are inside, to become who we truly are.

So hopefully it won't be as long till the next edition, in the mean time, live your life on purpose. Where are you heading, what do you want, what sort of person do you want to be... Time to improve yourself everyday...

The next episode is how I practically do that....


Friday, 16 October 2015

Core Values

Thanks for visiting again!
What I'm wittering about today is core values and how it relates to your happiness and life goals.

Core values could be defined as the things, groups or theories that we hold as important. Examples of some core groups would be things like family, spirituality, work, self growth, lifestyle, diet of choice to mention just a few. They are the core principles that we may or may not realise we live by.

A good exercise is to rank down on a piece of paper what your core beliefs are. How would you rank things in importance in your life? Where does your job scale? Family? Spirituality? Security? Fitness? Hobby? Self actualisation?
It's quite a tricky exercise, and you may even feel guilty about the order of things of importance.

But if you can be true with yourself and get a proper order written down you may start to understand why you make some unconscious decisions or why you may seem to be afraid of certain opportunities.

It is also a useful exercise if your feeling a bit lost. What do you really treasure?

All of us live busy lives, and personally, when I'm very busy I find it hard to stay true to my core values. The hustle and bustle of life can prevent us from making sure we tick our own boxes.
If I take on too much work then that can take its toll. It takes too much time and energy and as a result I can't give the attention and strength to things more important up my own list of values. Do you get me? So decisions I make can affect how true I am to myself.
Stay up late and as a result be too tired to go to the gym?

For instance. Something that's high enough on my own scale is family and myself oddly enough. If I'm not the best person that I can be, then I'm not able to serve the people closest to me very well.
So it's important to make sure that what you value is looked after and that you are true to the person that you are deep down and where you as a person want to be.
I also have a deep belief in the Paleo diet. I believe the core ideals of the diet and the benefits. So when I drift away I'm dissatisfied with myself. That's because I'm straying away from something that I view as important, drifting away from something that I view as important and true.

Henry Ford said that "if you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got!".
So we need to step away from the routine. Evaluate, step above yourself so to speak and get an overview of your passage in life. Where are you going? Why? Is it what you want? Where will it lead?

So what are some practical actions to get to your core values and maintain them?

Define your own core values. Who are you and what do you value?

Take the solitary time to evaluate your progress and direction in life. You can do anything, go anywhere, you make your world. So how are you progressing?

Which of your core values are you not being true to?

What can you do next week so as to put that right?

If it's not a hell yes, then its a no. Make every decision by making sure that it's in alignment with your values. Does someone want you to do this that or the other and you hate it or really don't want to?
I'm looking at you!

We are never finished :)

Ps. No alcohol or other mind altering substances were consumed during, before or after the writing of this blog post.

Pps. Stop watching the news. It's never good and you can't do anything about it anyway. Don't let negative *stuff in.

Just in case your wondering... :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Summer/ Autumn Weight Gain?

Thanks for taking the time to have a read.
I don't know about you but I find that I put on a bit of weight around this time of year...
Not a huge amount, but a few pounds. Is this because of having a poorer food choice or what's behind it?

Well first of, who knows...

But secondly, I find winter time a lot easier to lose weight.
If we observe nature, Autumn is a busy period. Creatures are getting ready for winter time, building houses and fattening themselves up for a shortage.
We too, in our history, would of found food harder to find during the winter.
A lot of foods that naturally ripen in our environment do so at this time of year. Lots of fruit and berries ripen, and give the natural fatten signal to our bodies via the fructose. In fact during the summer all manner of carbohydrate rich foods are produced, potatoes, carrots and more.
Were we designed to have the same body composition all year round? I don't think so...

So as a species, we have developed and perhaps designed to store energy at this time of year.
During winter time no fruit was ever available. Some starchy tubers gave some carbohydrates, but a lot of our diet would of been from fermented or saved food from the summer, or fat and protein from animal sources that we would of hunted and killed.

So if you find that you are more hungry at this time of year and perhaps a few pounds heavier than youd like, consider the possibility that your body is craving the nutrients and information found within the seasonal food that you are eating. ( I know I'm loving the berries around here - they are almost like sweets!).

But my plan is that when winter does set in, I'm going to go back into a more cyclical ketogenic phase of lower carbohydrate and higher fat and protein.

Just my own two cents...

But wait there's more....
Just a small tip or advice- we all know how important it is to make sure that we eat a natural diet that is rich in nutrients. Now more than ever with flus and virus' going around, it's important to stock up on those healthy foods. Make sure that all your dinners are crammed with things like garlic, mushrooms and other nutrient dense foods.

Also, the sun has been out over the last few days. It could be some of our last chances to get the rich rays that it gives. So get outside. It was even warm enough this afternoon for me to go topless in the back yard, getting as much sun to the skin as possible. #happyneighbours :)
Not only does this help with circadian rythem but also helps with Vitamin D. When our supply is "full", excess D is then stored in the bones for slow release in winter. So, get storing!!!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Health tips and tricks

I've just a few more health tips and tricks going on at the moment...

We've had loads of kids parties and family gatherings recently which means things have headed south on the diet and health front. Not all out binge but definitely a turn south! It's actually turning out to be really hard to get back on the Paleo/Primal wagon again....

I've kept going on my weight lifting routine of 2/3 mornings a week. I do feel I'm getting stronger and I can see progression with the weights.

(Just to interject and interrupt myself, I'm currently writing to you with my blueblocker light glasses on. I've got my nerd on...)

So, while trying to eat healthy again, I'm having some more fat, lots of veg and low carb. Staying away from all grains also which is a huge help. I react badly to wheat so the odd bit of cake really hasn't helped!

But I digress.

The real reason I'm writing this is a new App that I've downloaded for my Iphone, and it's amazing.
It's called Sleep Cycle...

Each night I turn my iphone onto Aeroplane mode and place it on the bed beside me. Not on my pillow but maybe an inch or two away from me.
The phone then uses it's accelerometer to measure your sleep cycles. It senses the movement of your body to detect what level of sleep you are in.

It's so interesting to see a graph of your nights sleep. It has different colours for awakeness, light sleep and deep sleep.

But my favorite feature is that the app is also an alarm clock. Fore instance if you want to wake up by 6am, the app will wake you up between 5.30/6am. But it will wake you up gently with the alarm progessively getting louder when it senses that you are in the lightest sleep.

As a result you don't get rudely awoken in the deepest sleep. This can save you from the really groggy feeling of being woken mid hibernation.

You can also track and see what different habits have on your sleep. I had a couple of glasses of wine one evening and the sleep cycles were very noticably disturbed. I fell into a deep sleep almost straight away but then got tossed out of that after an hour into a long period of being awake or in light sleep. It's facinating!

Best of all, the app is free!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I don't know where I heard this proverb first, but I think it was on a podcast somewhere.
I'm impelled to write about it because it's been playing over and over in my mind for the last couple of months.

It doesn't take a genius to decipher what the message is about. But using it throughout your life on the other hand is quite an art.

Life is busy, Life is good, life is difficult. Life is exciting. Life is a lesson.

My life is all the above, and whether things are going good or bad, it all depends on the state within.
Mood is not dependent on external forces, instead it is based on internal peace.

For example, I don't find looking after our two children taxing in anyway when I'm at peace. But if I'm tired because of a hard taxing week, poor sleep for some reason, or lacking in some way, looking after them can be more of a chore. I have less patience.

Some symptoms might also include using things to distract yourself from the here and now. Using Tv, Internet, facebook or random things to distract or take our attention. When interrupted from such pointless things we can become unhappy or irritated.
But whats the real problem?
It's the enemy within.

What's your enemy within? Have you recognised this about yourself?

I've seen people so engaged in fire fighting problems that don't concern them, whether that be in the news, or in life in general. How happy are you? It's a hard journey finding out the source of unhappiness. Its a long and deep road that might take you to places that you've not thought of before...

For months now every time I've lost my patience or been unhappy in a situation the wise saying comes racing back into my mind. With inner peace and true self belief you can accomplish what you want. So...

"When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you."

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Paleo Living - I'm using hardly any chemicals

You may of read my post about my new water bottle a couple of months ago. Well I haven't broken it yet and I'm loving drinking from it everyday. Water tastes great from it, and it's good to know that my water bottle isn't leaching chemicals into my drinking water.

Even though my friends may refer to me as a caveman, I must admit that I'm starting to get there! :)
As the title of today's post would indicate I'm using as little chemicals as possible.
My wife happens to make organic soaps and body products which is a huge help of course. You can see her fine products at Some people call their products natural or organic but still have natural nasties, whereas these are products and moisturisers that we use ourselves and for our children, that are completely free from chemicals and just contain butters and oils such as organic coconut oil.

Natural soaps like this that have no chemicals in what so ever are more expensive than the store bought equivalent, but I get to use odds and ends and soap bars that didn't make the cut!

But in general I only use this soap, I don't use hair shampoo, the ingredients list on them are really horrible. What I've been using for months is actually the same soap bar that I was the rest of myself with.

The world that we live in is far more toxic than ever before.
Plastic has a estrogenic effect on us, which can be cancer causing and also changes our hormone levels which can be disastrous for our health. If you can, stay clear of plastic food containers. Plastics shouldn't be used in conjunction with our food or water. Estrogenic substances increase the level of Estrogen in our body. This is the feminine hormone, it can lower men's testosterone levels and provide too much Estrogen for women, which may be problematic during PMS. Not to mention the BPA issue with plastics
We weren't designed to drink or be in contact with a man made product like this.

In fact if you think about it, when we say that these plastics and cosmetics change levels of hormones, we are saying that these things change the structure of cells and how they interact with other cells. We are upsetting the homeostasis of the entire body. That can't be healthy or optimal.

Cosmetics often contain phthalates and parabens, along with other metals like aluminium. For this reason I avoid using normal off the shelf deodorants and instead use a natural option. All shaving foams, deodorants and make ups contain hundreds of chemicals. These topical formulas rest on the skin for long periods and do make it into our blood stream where they are absorbed in to the body.
This is the first time in human history where we have ever used and bathed all day in so many harmful chemicals. Why do it! Instead search for natural products or years old tried and tested methods to get the same results. We don't know what sparks off the cancer genes, but we know that some of the chemicals are cancer causing. So why take the chance just to smell like Lynx Africa?

I also like getting my hands dirty outside every now and again, and while I don't mind getting soil and grass on my hands, if I'm doing something that has chemicals in it I try not to get it on my skin.
For example I like doing some DIY (destroy it yourself!!) on our cars, and that includes changing out the oil, beforehand I would of gotten oil on my skin and not worried about it, whereas now I am conscious that chemicals on the skin can get into our blood stream and do a lot of damage.
Of course there's no need to be OCD about it all, but at the same time why not be conscious about it?

I'm not saying though to always stay away from dirt, as recent research has shown how important it is for us, and especially our immune system to get a measure of dirt and bacteria on our skin and then into our bodies. Then our immune system gets stronger as it fights off all these small infections.

We live in the most cleanliest time ever. Everyone has alcohol wipes and fluid ready to clean their hands right away. But the focus should be on avoiding germs but not eliminating all forms of bacteria.

So that's just another step that I've taken. Not to be too brutal but I use deodorant as little as possible (here come another ribbing from friends), as my wife is currently making a natural option.

Again the same as my water bottle, you won't see the result straight away, but this is a long term lifestyle rather than a fad diet.

Chemicals are very new in our history, and manufacturers use them to make our products last a long time, look and feel the way that we want and expect, and to keep costs low. But no time is being spent thinking of the dangers that it can do. I live a very normal life, and I'm not saying to lose sleep about chemicals, but perhaps be aware of them, and make some wise choices.

Right...where did I leave my cave...

Monday, 26 January 2015

What does my midweek shopping trolley / cart look like?

So what can I eat on a low carbohydrate,natural food or paleo diet?

Here's my cart from today, now I'm the only one in my family that is paleo-ish/ natural foods / low carbohydrate. So the organic brown bread isn't for me nor are the bananas. But I will have some of the organic potatoes when I'm carb backloading or having a carb refeed day.

So there is some healthy vegetables - sprouts, cauliflour, mushrooms, parsnips, carrots and potatoes.

Some salmon and beef for a dinner or two, as well as some high quality full fat greek style yogurt. Cheese and Ham for snacks for the children and myself.

Not to mention the obligatory bacon and liver. Which is what I'm tucking into now as I'm writing this evening.

All in all, not a bad shopping cart for anyone interested in healthy eating. (minus the bread).