Friday, 31 January 2014

My 10 tips to giving up sugar.

I'll deal with the reasons for giving up sugar in another blog. I've managed to do this in my life and I feel so much better for it. Come on, your not a weak person. Look what you've accomplished in your life. Your the boss of you and you can get yourself to where you want to be.

1) Be motivated. Why do you want to lose the sugar? Without determination it wont happen. It will happen though if you arm yourself with the reasons your doing it. Is it health? Diabetes? Fitness? Weight loss?
Write them down to refer to whenever your having a weak moment. Know that its going to suck sometimes. Know that your going to have cravings and urges for a couple of weeks. But its worth it isn't it? Of course it is. Come on you can do it.
If your goal is weight loss, carry a picture of you at your worst, it worked for me!

2) Go cold turkey. This is what worked for me. No messing around. No trickling down. Wipe it out all together.

3) Rid your house of all bad food. I'm not saying throw away all your food. Maybe plan this when the cupboards are bare and you need a shop. Empty the house. When the 9pm snack attack comes, don't have that favourite sugar snack available.

4) Find healthy alternatives. What healthy food do you love? Philadelphia? Eggs? What is your favourite healthy food? My advice is to treat yourself. If your feeling like snacking and are desperate for a sugar fix, have a drink, and eat your favourite non sugary food to your hearts content. (This is only for the withdrawal weeks). Don't be hungry during this time, instead eat regularly to satisfaction.

5) Avoid putting yourself in tempting situations. Do your friends go for ice cream on a Friday evening? Perhaps this week you could make different plans for the group such as a sport. If you put yourself in tempting situations in the first couple of weeks, you stand a high chance of failing.

6) No don't even think about cheating. Sure that's just a small sweet, it cant hurt right? Wrong! Don't go near it. Don't try it. Its a sure fire way to getting right back on the sugar trail.

7) Watch out for hidden sugar. Everything has sugar in it these days. Be careful of ALL packaged goods. They are laced with sugar. So avoid and instead use this as an opportunity for healthy home cooking. Don't skimp on small portions. Don't be hungry, just eat healthy.
Also be careful of the hidden sugar in packaged goods that isn't labelled as sugar. Sugar can be found in many forms. High Fructose syrup. Sucrose. Fructose. The list goes on and on.
Most of our everyday foods and confectionery is full of sugar. Check the labels on everything. There's no point going off sugar, only to be drip feeding yourself sugar without even realising it. Common places sugar can be hidden is in salad dressings, tomato ketchup and all processed drinks from Coca Cola to Robinson's squash.

8) Have a goal and treat yourself to something. Whether its a night out at the cinema to a haircut or massage! Reward yourself for doing so well. At this point, if you've failed don't despair. Don't throw in the towel. Start again at no1 of the 10 steps. Are you weak? No!
Even if you've not faltered, make sure to keep reminding yourself of why your doing it. Keep motivated. It will get easier and easier as time goes by. You'll feel better and you'll be free from those dreaded sugar highs and lows.

9) Tell a close confidant that you are giving up sugar. Can they join you on your health journey so that you can motivate each other? Pick someone that will be motivational and supportive. Not someone who will try to break your goals.

10) re-read 1-9 and re-read 1-9. You can be sugar free!

If you've given up sugar recently, what has helped you? Please share!

A Great First step

Giving up sugar is a great first step. If you are trying to give up sugar don't cheat for the first month or two. But, I'm not saying that on a special occasion such as a wedding or something that you can't try a piece of wedding cake. I'm not being that much of a stickler about it, but it's what you do for the 95% of the time that counts.

Do you know that fruit juices and carbohydrates turn to sugar in your body?

The next step you could take is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you are eating. But more about that in another episode of my! My Diet!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

BBC Fat vs Sugar review

I don't know if you managed to see it last night, but on BBC there was a Horizon investigation. Two twin doctors went on diets, one was high fat and the other was high sugar and carbs.

Firstly I'm delighted that the subject is on the agenda at all.
But if I'm honest the program was very disappointing. It made the anti sugar lobby to be an American based thinking.
Doctor X went on the high fat diet. But he didn't have any vegetables or leafy greens because of the carbohydrates. Which was disappointing because I'm sure that nearly all that go on a low carb diet also have greens and vegetables. There are carbohydrates in the vegetables but they are hidden in with the fiber thus not resulting in a spike of Insulin. I don't think any of the low carbers out there are NO carbs like the doctor in this experiment was.
His bloods were taken before and afterwards. His cholesterol hadn't changed after a month of high fat eating. He had also lost 2kg of fat but alarmingly 2kg of muscles also. This was used to beat the high fat mantra saying that it is a diet of muscle loss.
But my biggest grievance against it was that the "specialist" said that the high fat diet was dangerous for him. They did a blood glucose test afterwards and it appeared that doctor x was nearly diabetic, that he was Insulin resistant. The specialist concluded that this was because the body was getting used to not having insulin that after that it became unable to start again.
This though isn't the true. Its true that after a spike of sugar for the first time, you will act like a pre-diabetic and fail to produce the Insulin spike. But from then after you will return to normal. Which wasn't picked up on.

Dr Robert Lutzig was also on the show telling of the dangers of Fructose and Glucose, but the English doctors were skeptical. But it was good to see the doctor, and hopefully people can do their own research. They also mentioned about cholesterol not being the danger that we have thought in the past. Which was a good little seed to plant.

How about the high fat diet that was given to the twin Chris?
Well he didn't lose as much muscle in the experiment but then he only lost half the fat compared with his twin. He didn't feel as full and needed to snack a lot more than the high fat diet. He also ate more calories than his twin as he didn't feel as full. But, the program seemed to prefer the high sugar diet than the high fat diet.

So what was the conclusion of the program?
Well what they decided was that the danger was in the mix of fat and sugar. They said that its the mix of the two that does nothing to Grelin and thus makes us over eat. Yes, they concluded that it was all down to calories again.

Personally, I feel that the study wasn't conclusive enough. There's many more interesting parts to the show, but what do you think? Did you get a chance to see it? Do you have a different opinion to me?

Monday, 27 January 2014

Just a small reminder - BBC- What is worse - Sugar or Fat?

On BBC two this wednesday at 9pm.

This looks very exciting. Twin doctors Chris and Van go on a month long high fat and high sugar diet. The effects on their bodies are said to be shocking and surprising!!!

So which one do you think is worse?
In the Uk there is really a revolution at the moment against Sugar. There was another program there last week only on their "food unwrapped" show. This documented the danger of sugar, and how much sugar is hidden in our diet!

This isnt a full blog today, just a reminder to you all to tune in then.
Ill be reviewing the show on this blog the following day so check in to see what I make to it!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It all started one day listening to a podcast

I'm not a good runner at all. If I can run 3 or 4 miles I'm doing good. But i was listening to my favourite running podcast - The Marathon Training Academy. One day they had a personal trainer as their guest speaker, and his name was Vinnie Tortorich. His website funny enough is 

Vinnie runs a fitness program called NSNG. This stands for no sugar no grains. 
He was very persuasive, and I loved listening to him. Now I listen to his own podcast with Anna Vochino, which is an Itunes hit. 

Everybody and their dog knows that sugar is not good for you, in fact only last night I was watching a primetime program about the sugar industry and how sugar is one of the biggest factors in getting fat. I didn't know how though, but I knew that sugar wasn't good news. Doesn't everyone?

But what about the no grains part of the diet? That took some looking into. This cant be described and explained in the blog today but ill go into it in the following blogs. But the result has been life transforming. 
Ive been eating NSNG for 4 months now and have lost a lot of weight. But that's not the reason that I'm going to eat NSNG for the rest of my life. In fact Ive progressed passed NSNG in my understanding. 

Remember at the start of the blog I said that you only know what you know? Well question what you know. 
When you were a child you always asked why?! 
Why don't we ask why any more? Why don't we continue to be an open book always looking for answers?

I don't want to be old, fat and a diabetic. I don't want to be sick at all. I want to be as health as i can,

Are you interested in your diet to lose weight or have you done research into the healthiest way to live?

Id love to hear your comments on the matter. My diet? No my diet!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Diet - No My diet.

I was ignorant about Nutritional health.

You only know what you know...
There is a element of truth in that statement. I only know what my parents have taught me and what I've heard in the media. I've had hardly any interest in health and nutrition until last year. Ive always been the type of person that puts on weight very easily. When I was 18 years old I weighed stone. I cut out some of the sugar in my diet and I lost over 4 stone. After some years though I had put a stone or more on again, but not it all. 

I lost weight by using an App - I think it was. I calculated the calories of everything I ate and drank, and reduced my calories by 500 per day. I was hungry all the time. Sure enough over the space of a few months I lost a stone and I was down to just over 14 stone. A year later though I was back to nearly 15 stone. 

I knew I had to do something to stop the weight going on, there was no way that I wanted to be back upto my previous weights, and I felt awful in my clothes. 

That's when I started to educate myself

I've friends that are on every kind of diet you can imagine. Atkins, WeightWatchers, Slimmingworld and more. Do all roads lead to Rome? Are they just different methods to getting to the same goal?

So what about you? Like me, have you tried some of the above diets?

I called this blog - Mydiet-no-mydiet because there is so much confusion about diets. Each dieter believes his is the best. 

So that's when I started to educate myself and continue to do so. The more I learn, the more i'm happy to say the less I realize I know. 
Id like to share some of the things I've learned. From all the diets I've tried, I think I've found the best one for me. 
Lets discuss the science and information, my diet - no - my diet.