Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It all started one day listening to a podcast

I'm not a good runner at all. If I can run 3 or 4 miles I'm doing good. But i was listening to my favourite running podcast - The Marathon Training Academy. One day they had a personal trainer as their guest speaker, and his name was Vinnie Tortorich. His website funny enough is 

Vinnie runs a fitness program called NSNG. This stands for no sugar no grains. 
He was very persuasive, and I loved listening to him. Now I listen to his own podcast with Anna Vochino, which is an Itunes hit. 

Everybody and their dog knows that sugar is not good for you, in fact only last night I was watching a primetime program about the sugar industry and how sugar is one of the biggest factors in getting fat. I didn't know how though, but I knew that sugar wasn't good news. Doesn't everyone?

But what about the no grains part of the diet? That took some looking into. This cant be described and explained in the blog today but ill go into it in the following blogs. But the result has been life transforming. 
Ive been eating NSNG for 4 months now and have lost a lot of weight. But that's not the reason that I'm going to eat NSNG for the rest of my life. In fact Ive progressed passed NSNG in my understanding. 

Remember at the start of the blog I said that you only know what you know? Well question what you know. 
When you were a child you always asked why?! 
Why don't we ask why any more? Why don't we continue to be an open book always looking for answers?

I don't want to be old, fat and a diabetic. I don't want to be sick at all. I want to be as health as i can,

Are you interested in your diet to lose weight or have you done research into the healthiest way to live?

Id love to hear your comments on the matter. My diet? No my diet!

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