Friday, 21 February 2014

200kg kid on sky

This show is just humiliating.
The young boy on the show today is 200 kilograms he's got there by eating all kinds of junk food and rubbish.
Instead of controlling the young boys eating by means of carbohydrate control they've decided to cut his stomach out. He can't even be trusted to have a stomach.

This kind of TV show makes me sick to be frank.
These operations are dangerous.
Why don't we just have a Proper educational curriculum in schools for them to learn that carbohydrate control is the key to a weight control. If your child is overweight they have to cut back on carbohydrates and i don't mean potatoes, bananas or so called healthy carbohydrates, but you have to cut back on the junk food and the rubbish. I really feel bad for the kids in the show!

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