Saturday, 8 February 2014

Anxiety Management - stress diagnosis

A good start is to define stress- stress is any uncomfortable "emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioural changes."

I don't have panic attacks or feel especially stressed. If you read title about stress and panic attacks and think, well today's blog doesn't really apply to me, well maybe think again. 

All of us are stressed to some degree, it is affecting our lives and some simple steps can help us to live a lot more carefree and with managed stress.

For example, I have a family member that would describe themselves as not being stressed, but it clearly isn't the case. Its hidden. He can't see it at all even though it affects him throughout his life, diminishing the joy and satisfaction he gets from life.

Could you be stressed and don't know it?

That's totally possible. Many people that arrive in the ER report signs of heart attacks only to be told that they have chronic stress. But before panic attacks come wouldn't it be best to discover this earlier and resolve the situation? 

Even if we haven't got chronic stress, please look at the following symptoms and check yourself honestly. Do I have these feelings or behaviours. Does my wife, husband or family member display these traits? 

This is such an important step, if you cannot be honest with yourself and recognise symptoms, then you'll never be able to help yourself. Be honest and open. Think over these symptoms. How many have you got?

Symptoms of stress

* Insomnia
* frequent fluctuation of your mood
* Always having to justify your time or having to be active.
* A feeling of losing control or needing to be in control.
* seeing only the negative in each situation.
* Racing thoughts 
* fast heart beat
* Constant worrying
* A feeling of being overwhelmed.
* Depression or general unhappiness over an extended time.
* Alcohol or food used as a source of relief from feelings
* Aches and pains
* Nausea
* A poor immune system resulting in frequent colds and flu.

Perhaps you don't have all these symptoms but have a number of them. In the following blog I will outline several ways to reduce the stress's in our lives. 
Just a few easy steps can make all the difference.

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