Monday, 3 February 2014

I Just can't give up that...

I'm currently writing a blog about the book I'm reading - Grain Brain.

There's a strong movement these days informing us how bad sugar is and how carbohydrates spike our blood sugar and in general aren't good for us. Some agree with this, some don't. Do you?

For a start I use this blog to help people to be healthy, I want us all to be able to have an open mind about diet. I generally don't mention my diet to my friends, I don't feel the need to preach to them about what they are eating or what I'm finding works for me. I generally say, "I'm giving up all the junk food". Which I am. But I'm doing far more than that.

But a few friends and family have actually wanted to know more and Ive told them. But the response has always been two fold. I couldn't give up...(insert your own favourite food). The other argument is that my cholesterol numbers must be through the roof. Which they aren't, and that's a whole different blog for another day.

So could you give up that doughnut? Not forever, but for a month at a time? Could you give up that bagel?

But trust me on this, you can. No matter how much you think you will miss that sugary treat, you can manage it.

Once you get past the first week, it starts getting a whole lot easier...

How big of a change in your diet are you willing to take for your health? Are you willing to cut out certain foods if the research said you would be thinner, stronger and healthier?

Whats more important to you? Short term or long term?

Do you want to deal with a sickness when it comes, hope for a cure or a pill to help or take preventative action now?

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