Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Isn't eating all that fat dangerous? Cholesterol.

I was talking to a doctor yesterday that eats the Mediterranean diet. He is against the Paleo diet because of the high fat and the moderate protein. My family can see the weight reduction that Ive seen and yet they are suspicious about my diet because of the fat content. They want to see how the blood work comes back first, because they think I'm heading for cardiovascular problems.

Is the doctor and my family right to be afraid of fat? Should you be afraid of fat? Do you chose low fat products over low or full fat versions?
We know we have to do something, heart disease is the number one killer of our generation! But what is the real route cause of our heart problems?

What's the number on Cholesterol?

We are told that the cause of our blocked arteries and heart health problems is in fact Cholesterol. If you go to your local doctor and you have a health check done there's a good chance that they will check your cholesterol level. If your level is high, then you will be prescribed a statin medication. If you don't take this preventative action your in line for a heart attack. I know people in their 30s that are on statin medications. 

Cholesterol is quite a complicated subject. I'll try not to make it too complicated, but is this the cause?


Cholesterol can be broken down into your HDL and your LDL.

For a start, if we didn't have cholesterol we'd be dead. We need cholesterol for life inside our bodies. So we don't want be totally down on cholesterol. The HDL and LDL actually transport cholesterol around your body to perform all the necessary tasks.
Traditionally the HDL is considered "good for your body". My Doc told me that my cholesterol was slightly elevated but she didn't mind because my "good cholesterol" out weighted my bad. My readings were 5.4mm/L for those in the UK, or 209mg per dl for those in the US.

So your LDL is considered to be the bad cholesterol that clogs up your arteries and in the end can lead to heart attack and other fatal conditions.

So how did we learn that this was the cause to plaque in our arteries?

What if I told you that there are actually two types of LDL?
LDL cholesterol can either be small and dense or it can be light and fluffy.
Scientists have found that the small dense particles are the types that do the damage in our Arteries. These because of their small dense nature will cling and stick the artery walls and in the end cause restriction.

But how does our LDL get small and dense or light and fluffy?

Scientists including Dr Krauss have found that the normal high carbohydrate diet is what is responsible for poor LDL characteristics. The high level of carbohydrate and sugar is in fact doing the damage to our arteries. Our LDL gets smaller and then can do damage. When our LDL gets smaller, it allows the fat inside to oxidise. When this happens it allows the LDL to clog. However when the LDL is larger, this oxidation does not happen. So removing a large amount of carbohydrates from your diet will go a long way in improving the condition of your LDL.

So why not just remove all fat just to be on the safe side and then there isn't any confusion or danger from oxidisation in the arteries? Well, we need fat to survive. We need fat or we would die. In fact studies have shown that the amount of cholesterol that we eat has little or no bearing on the cholesterol levels in our bodies.

Its not just me saying these things, have a look at some of these links. You'll find countless reports and studies that indicate that the modern diet is what is doing harm to our numbers. Another thing to remember is that Statin drugs also do a lot of harm in our bodies. They aren't without their side affects. Trust me, go and google side affects to statin drugs.

Its a shame to say it, but in this world money does the talking. It does more than that even.
In America alone cholesterol medication is sold to the value of $14 Billion. Yes 14 Billion. Can you see how these pharma companies would want to keep this information quiet? What sort of lobby groups do you think this industry has? Pretty strong!

So that's why I have no problem eating fat. I'm not afraid of my cholesterol numbers, in fact ill probably not get them tested again. The low fat message of the last 50 years was a mistake...

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