Tuesday, 11 February 2014

John McKenna's - Good food

I absolutely loved this book. Its written in a clear and informative manner, and importantly - with little waffle!

This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in their health and the food that we put into our body.

This book really makes you think. What are we eating?!!!

One fascinating quote is from Barry Groves. Man is the only species clever enough to make his own food and stupid enough to eat it.
To quote the movie food inc. (Regarding chickens) bigger, fatter, cheaper , faster.

So how did john McKenna come to his conclusions?

In this book Dr. John McKenna starts with his personal experience of good healthy food when growing up in rural Ireland.

John left Ireland and spent years working in Africa and while there, he studied the tribal people and their diet.
He noticed that those who changed their traditional diet for a processed food western diet, soon started to manifest diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and allergies.
This was especially seen in townships around major cities.

After many years in Africa he returned to Europe. He moved to England and was shocked by what he saw. The average person in the street was overweight, even the babies seemed a bit plump. What had happened in the twenty years he was in Africa?

He noticed that people were eating processed foods and mainly carbohydrates - pizza, waffles, breads, biscuits, cakes, breakfast cereals and so on.

John McKenna details the folly of the WHO, and outlines the strength of the lobby groups who have managed to change the food pyramid for the benefit of themselves.

So what should we eat?

On page 57 John outlines his food pyramid, which is the polar opposite to the Standard chart today.
In order off importance ( 1 being the most important and at the bottom of the pyramid) this is how his pyramid looks.

1 Fats and oils!!!
2. Dairy produce and proteins
3. Nuts and seeds
4. Fruit and vegetables
5. Finally starch and sugars, which he mentions is to be totally avoided if possible.

Please buy the book for an in depth discussion on why he has them in this order and the science behind these claims.

I agree with John McKenna. It's time for us to go back to basics. In order to live healthily, we have to remove this modern, fast food, highly processed, soaked in sugar and artificial ingredients - carbage.
Instead we have to go back to the way we've always eaten, eating whole food... Good Food

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