Thursday, 27 February 2014

The flawed Fat/cholesterol/calories stigma runs deep

I was in the shop this evening when I met a friend of mine who was shopping for his family.
They are on a "healthy eating plan" and one thing includes cutting down on sugar. Which is a great start. You know when your in the shop though you end up following the same people around, if your shopping at the same speed.
Well he spent his time reading labels and ingredients, which is great! So I stopped and asked him how he was getting on and he added that he was checking the fat and calorie content of all his food.

He saw the 85% chocolate that I had in my trolley along with other meat, fat and vegetables. He checked the label and told me not to buy it because of the high fat content and high calories. He also saw the couple of packets of butter!
He said oh look at the huge amount of fat that is in that. I thought, oh good I'll need that fat!
Oh if only he could see my eggs and bacon lunch that's drowned in butter and cheese!!!

But it's a reminder how strongly entrenched the generation is. Its great the education process has started, but I'm not sure how long its going to take everyone to catch on...

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