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what is the Paleo Diet and should you be on it?

The definition- The Paleo diet is based upon eating foods that "hunter-gatherer ancestors" would of eaten.
So what can you eat on this diet? Well you can eat meat, non starchy vegetables, fish and seafood, some oil, nuts and seeds, eggs and fresh fruit. I feel that the term Paleo is getting broader and broader all the time, and what some people consider Paleo, wouldn't be called Paleo by someone else.
The Paleo concept is also about eating pure organic produce. Trying to stay away totally from anything GMO and treated with hormones or pesticides. We have a poly tunnel and currently make a lot of our own produce without the use of any pesticides or harmful toxins.

What's missing from that list are grains of all types, be that wheat, barley and even rice. Potatoes would also be under the starchy foods so that's not under Paleo either.That can seem quite limiting. It means cooking a lot of things from scratch, a lot of home cooking and some great dinners.

It also means that you need to prepare in advance if you are travelling or working away from home.
But the benefits are huge, I love eating these dinners as they leave you so satisfied and full. You can eat to your hearts content and not feel lousy afterwards. So what are the benefits to the Paleo diet?

What are the benefits to the Paleo Diet?

If you go back in man's history, people died from many different diseases such as TB, but people years ago also didn't have some of the problems that we have today. My family has been touched by diseases such as Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Alzheimers.
Click on my blog post that I made a while ago, it shows research by Dr John McKenna which shows that these diseases are modern and mainly from our western diet.

We didn't have such an obesity problem. Lets face it, we are getting bigger and bigger. We soon are going to collapse under the weight of ourselves. 

But what are we eating today? We are eating man made rubbish. Processed this, refined that and homogenised other. 
Were we made to eat a pizza and fries, washed down with a sugar (if your lucky) and a million other E numbers? I don't think so. Did your grandparents eat this way? Did their parents eat this way? 
Treats were a once off, every now and again, on special occasions they had a treat.

Be honest, how do you feel after eating some take away? It's delicious while your eating it. But afterwards I feel bloated, sore stomached an generally unhealthy. Like I'd just eaten rubbish.

 The Paleo is an excellent diet for weight loss. On this diet you remove a lot of the carbohydrates in your diet. You also remove most sugars, except the Fructose found in fruits. Even then the amount should ideally be kept to a minimum.

You won't believe the benefit that this will do for your body. Ive experienced great results including weight loss. But this isn't the kind of diet where you use it as a quick fad in order to lose weight. Its a philosophy for eating and a healthy life. Once you eat healthily like this, you never want to go back...

I will go into more depth in the following blogs...

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