Thursday, 20 March 2014

Before Picture - 11 things I wish I knew back then

I've been threatening for a while now to put up before and After photos.

So I might as well brave up to it and publish it. There's some irony in where the picture is taken huh?! As it turns out, Ronald McDonald wasn't a great friend.
I was 17 in this picture. 250 pounds, that's 60 more than I am today more than a decade later. Back then, I'm afraid none of the weight was muscle weight either.

Its Quite hard for me to look at pictures of me like this. It seems like its a different person. I feel sorry for the person in the picture, I want to step in and help him. Weird though, I can help him, I have helped myself. I've made changes, and more importantly rather than just eating what I want or fancy, I now know That food has a hormonal effects.

 I wish I knew then what I know now, rather than torturing myself with poor weight loss strategies and endless hours on a treadmill. The determination that I showed was epic, but the strategies and know how were completely wrong. I lived on sugar and low fat foods. Starvation and deprivation were the kings of the land, still I persevered, and that determination fuels me today, if I can have the determination to lose weight as I did, imagine what I can achieve now with the right information.

So here is a list that I wish I would of known.

I now know that I no longer need to starve myself to lose weight. Diet does not have to equal hunger.

I know that I can't eat whatever I want and do so to my hearts content.

I know that no amount of exercise can work off fat. That's what I thought. I must be lazy, I can't me working out hard enough.

I know that eating sugar and carbohydrates, though tasty make me feel hungry
quickly and are not fulfilling. The amount of low fat 100 calorie snacks that I used to eat. Guess what, it was torture, why can I never be filled I used to ask?

I now know that searching out low fat goods is wrong.

I now know that sugar content does make a difference in my body.

I know that eating carbs will affect my insulin and thus my fat storage.

I now know that the quality of my food matters. No more processed junk.

I now know that junk food was causing all kinds of allergic reactions.

I now know how close I came to diabetes and other health Problems

I now know not to use food as comfort or to mask feelings
Now, I know...

If you are that boy in the picture, then I want to help you. You feel swamped by you weight. Its never off your mind. You exercise like mad and see no results. You see skinny people and you want to be like them, you want to look good, you want to be able to take pride in your appearance, to go shopping and to be able to find something that fits. You want to be able to walk down the street and not think, everybody is looking at me and how fat I am. You might actually want to be in pictures for a change!

I've got the answer. It's so simple, it doesn't even mean starving yourself, you just have to know.


  1. Hi Steve! Found you from Jimmy's new blog list today. Sounds like you are doing great on paleo too! Congrats!

    1. Hi Gwen, thank you very much for your comment!
      Yes I've really found the best way to eat for my body. I just wish I had heard earlier really, but I'm making up for lost time now!