Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Figuring out my Food Intolerance

I wrote a blog the other week about feeling crap on a Paleo diet.

For the last couple of weeks I've really cut down on my caffeine and I've tried to give myself some rest time.
However I've still got some symptoms that I'm not happy with. As the day progresses I frequently get a headache and fatigued. I'm not sure why, and I've tried to drink more water and reduce my caffeine.
When I used to eat wheat I got some terrible skin reactions. I used to get hundreds of tiny blisters on my hands which would then burst and leave my skin feeling dry and sore. I also had sores behind my knees.

Thankfully my hands have now cleared up and they're perfect, but occasionally I've had a flair up behind my knees.  Combining that with my fatigue and headaches leads me to think that I've probably got a food intolerance.

My daughter has quite a few allergies, and she at a very young age, maybe 18 months, reacted to a lot of food and so had some tests done. The blood tests came back that she had a reaction to peanut, dairy, egg and wheat. Sure enough when we cut those things out all her problems went away. She too had lots of skin problems. The peanut too is life threatening as we've found out on one occasion.
However there's a good chance that shes inherited some of her intolerance from me. As I stated I have a wheat intolerance, and my grandmother had a dairy intolerance. My wife doesn't seem to have any allergies except to dust and pollen.
Did my daughter get her dairy and egg intolerance from me?

What I've decided to do is to conduct a month long trial without these foods, to see if there's any difference. Then return each food one at a time to see if there's any difference.

This isn't going to be easy for me. I have milk in my tea and coffee, I have butter drounded over everything. I probably get through a 500g bar every day or two? Its my real fat source.
So what I've decided to do is to cut out the milk. Most people are allergic to the sugar and Proteins. My local health food store wasn't too helpful but internet research has shown that most likely its the casein and lactose in milk that give the biggest reactions.
Butter doesn't have much casein or lactose in it as butter is mainly the fat, but if you, what's known as clarify it, you can remove the milk proteins and be left with just the butter fat. So that's what I'm going to do today, I'm going to clarify some butter and use that instead.

So, this is me for a month, no eggs, damn and blast... No milk or yogurt, and only clarified butter. My headaches and fatigue is getting that frustrating that I need to do something, let's see how it goes!

Just a quick FYI, I had these headaches and fatigue before I started eating paleo/primal/low carb. I do think that my previous poor diet his some of the symptoms better, by giving me such sugar highs that the fatigue was masked. I'm also eating more dairy and eggs on my diet, which might exacerbate any problems.

I have had headaches back before I can remember, and I've never been able to get to the bottom of it...let's see a month from now how I feel.
this is a useful link which has a list of possible intolerance and how to best go about them.

Have you any such experiences? Do you feel rubbish on the paleo diet?


  1. Wheat is a genetically altered organism, bearing no resemblance to what our grandmothers ate. Read or listen to Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis. Wheat also makes the gut porous and the gluten in wheat, more specifically gliadin is attacked by the immune system but it looks just like thyroid tissue to the antibodies made so your thyroid is then attacked - this is hashimoto's.

  2. Hi Stu thanks very much for your interesting comment! I've read Grain Brain by Dr. Perlmutter and he says the same thing.
    I've actually been wheat free for years because of a serious wheat allergy where I'd get a skin outbreak and stomach problems.
    Please feel free to comment on other blog posts.