Saturday, 8 March 2014

Yes your weight loss diet is going to fail you...

Have you ever gone to an adventure centre and had a go on their climbing wall?
I did last year with a group of friends and had a great time! 
At the end of the course there was a huge 3 story climbing wall. Just to test you when your tired out and aching all over! I managed to finish it, but there's a point where your dangling there near the top utterly exhausted. Your holding on for dear life but you know the longer you stay there, the less chance you have off finishing, your getting more and more tired. Gravity is going to win!

You Can't beat Gravity - Weight Loss 

In a way that is how calorie controlled diets for weight loss work. If you are restricting your calories for weight loss you are fighting a battle that you cannot win. 
I dieted in this way a couple of years ago and I did lose a stone. So it works? Temporarily it might, but soon enough gravity will take over.What do I mean?

Well sure enough if you stay on the climbing wall for a time you will have to let go. You can fight gravity but in the end the inevitable will happen.

The same with a low calorie diet. When you are severely cutting your calories your Prefrontal Cortex is screaming at you to eat. Have you ever gone a long time without food and you could eat the whole fridge?
Well your brain is shouting at you to eat something because you are starving. You might be able to fight this for a couple of months but you can't long term. You fall off the wagon. In fact if you've managed to lose weight in this way I tip my hat to you. It takes some amount of determination! But what if there was a better, easier and healthier way?

Losing your weight for life/ eating smarter 

What you might not realise, is that when you eat a high sugar or Carbohydrate diet, your body produces a lot of Insulin and Leptin. What the hormone Leptin does is control our hunger signals. Lack of Leptin or resistance of it in the short term tells our brain that we're not full. Long term resistance tells our body that we haven't got enough food supplies stored, and as a result the body tries to store all the fat it can.

Then there's the hormone Insulin. Whenever we eat Sugar or Carbohydrates our body has to counteract the sugar load we are giving it. It does it very well by producing Insulin. But Insulin is a storage hormone. We are telling the body to store more fat again.

Store, gain, lose, starve... what are we telling our bodies!!!

Try to imagine what is happening to our body when your eating a low calorie diet and exercising more, while eating a diet mainly based on Carbohydrate?
With the consumption of a high amount of Carbohydrates you are telling your body to store fat and slow down your metabolism. Yet we are starving ourselves at the same time.
Were sending our bodies quite a confused signal of famine and yet storage. No wonder we are starving on these diets and when we add in a few more calories, the weight goes back on. It's the hormonal message we are sending ourselves.

Can we lose weight and keep it off?!!!

Yes we can. We can regulate these hormones by limiting the hormone changing foods that we eat. By simply cutting down on the carbohydrates and instead eating clean, natural and unprocessed foods. Hereby we allow our body to tell us how to eat, when we are truly hungry and what we need.

Notice I didn't say count calories. You won't need to count calories when you eat low carb, moderate protein and high fat. You will feel a satiety that you've never experienced before. You then don't tell your body to store weight. Your body can then see for the first time, how much reserves you are carrying, and it will burn these off. It works. Best of all, you'll never be hungry.

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