Saturday, 26 April 2014

10 questions you should mass your diet! diet evaluation time! Part 1

So in past blogs I've mentioned what I don't eat and what I avoid.
So what do I normally eat and why?

For a start, im not suggesting that someone jumps into my diet to full effect. My diet is an evolution. It is changing and improving as time goes on. My diet is also how I eat 95% of the time.
There are days however, normally when visiting friends for a meal, that I will splash out and have some carbs or even a sweet after dinner.
But that is only for that evening and then I'll eat the way I should and enjoy, for another couple of weeks.

My diet isn't a chore. Ive effectively lost all the weight that I want to lose, but my diet isn't thrown away merely because I've lost weight, I know how healthy I am eating this way. That is the way in essence, that a diet becomes a cliche lifestyle change.

How would you evaluate your diet? How would you evaluate a diet before starting it?

Does it do what you want it to do?
Normally people start a diet because they want to lose weight and healthy choices are normally a secondary reason. In reality we are all living busy lives and the amount of us that are thinking long term health is minimal.

So will your diet help you lose weight?
Whether you choose a low calorie starvation diet, (calories in verses calories out) or a low carb diet, you will lose weight!
Weightwatchers, slimming world these all work. You will lose weight on these plans or you wouldn't find them in business. How about a juicing detox diet, a low fat low calorie diet,a water diet, a milk diet? Guess what? You'll lose the weight there too. I'm not saying that it'll be easy but you'll lose weight if your devoted.

How do I feel on the diet?
So your diet is working, your shedding those pounds and pounding those streets?
How are you feeling? Are you hungry right now?
Are you having severe mood swings and energy dips and lows? Is your diet making you feel happy and energised?
A diet where you feel hungry and frustrated counting every calorie for example will not last, you won't be able to keep it up. Are you on the right diet? If you are on the right diet you should be able to keep it up without a problem.

Will your diet keep weight off or is it a crash (and burn) diet?
Lose 14lb in just 2 weeks, drop a dress size in 3 weeks! The magazines are full of the latest juicing, fruit only and pill weight loss plans. But anything that has a time limit like the example above is a crash and burn diet. After the 2 weeks are over your going to gain all the weight and more back.
In fact some studies have shown that crash and burn diets actually slow your metabolism and in the end you put weight on faster and more of it!
I've been on calorie counting diets before and I have lost weight but I've put a lot back on the second I stopped. Which isn't a good argument, well I stopped the diet and I put weight on, but if your just eating smoothies and shakes, how the hell are you supposed to stay on that?!! You can't.

Does your diet have science proving its merits or is it just a eat less (starve) diet?
Check out this post that I made about the science of the diet that I'm on and how a calorie isn't just a calorie an d that food has a hormonal effect on us. Eating a bag of sugar or a bag of fries isn't the same as eating a bit of meat in butter. The result isn't the same, our bodies aren't a simple math equation.
This even applies to the thought eat everything in moderation. I'm afraid that's a bit on the dim side a well.

I'm not saying never have your cake and eat it...
Remember I'm not a stickler either. I eat the way I do for the choices I make, but I do that for 90-95% of the time. As humans, if we are told that your never going to be allowed to have cake ever again, you wouldn't be able to get cake off your mind. So If I've eaten health for a couple of weeks and we go to a wedding or a friends for dinner, yes I'll eat the food that's given. At least enjoy it when your wasting it! Don't feel bad about it, but then the next day, I return to normal.

How does your diet shape up?

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