Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I've made some Bone Broth... Nature's Antibiotic...Shame about the taste

I've had a bit of a cold over the last week, sore throat and stuffy nose and so I've been trying a few natural remedies to try to beat it.
So I've made some bone broth. I used beef bones that I got from the local butcher, and put them in a crock pot a long with 5 liters of water. Then I put in some vegetables, including garlic and onion. Salt and pepper too!
Then i put the lid on the whole lot for 48+ hours and let that boil away.
There were a few complaints about the smell during the boiling, but the end results are totally bare bones with no marrow or cartilage left on them. The meat has also boiled away.
The result is a dark liquid that has an oily texture. I added some salt to a warm cup of broth and took it.
It wasn't the most pleasant drink that I've ever taken, in fact it repeated on me several times in the day. But then the cup or mugs worth was probably far too much for the first outing. Id be better off having it over a dinner or as part of a soup. Still, for my health I shall continue and for next time I might check some other recipes to see what I can do to get it to taste a bit better. I might check out what uses I can put the broth to as well.
Here's to natures Antibiotic...

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