Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Some People Are Very Misguided

I'm planning on writing a basic how to and as simple as possible, guide to the Paleo/ Low Carb or Ketogenic diet. It needs to be something that is easy to understand, logical, and tells the truth about Macro and Micro Nutrients!

Why am I all of a sudden moved to do this?
Well I think a lot of blogs out there today, like mine, focus on people that have made the transition to a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, there's a need to do a real simple back to basics episode.

My sister was talking to me about her diet last night. In fairness to her, she tries hard with her weight but she yoyos and goes on salad binges.
So what she does, is eat nothing but salads and is avoiding cheese and meat and other high calorie foods. She just eats salads, and then some wheat based cereals. She's having some awful sugar highs and lows. Of course this is because the carbs for breakfast is spiking her sugars and then the salads are leaving her crashing.
What's another symptom? She's starving! Of course if your not having much protein or fat. In essence it's a starvation diet.

But what do you tell someone who is entrenched in the old school thinking of calorie in verses calorie out?
That's why I need to do up a guide, for her especially and then to share it with any new comers.

For now I told her to eat (as we joke about here at home with the twitter outbreak Hashtag Real food!) Real food. So that's anything that doesn't come in a packet or processed in any way.

I encouraged her to eat meat, eggs, vegetables and all other natural products apart from potatoes ( at least at the start anyways).

But just saying that doesn't help people understand what chemical effect food has on us. Why 100 calories of carbs and sugar will react totally different to 100g of cheese and vegetables.

Stay tuned for my (hopefully simple) and quick guide.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Sleep transforms me

Everybody and their Aunt always talk about the importance of sleep. Sleep helps our immune system, it helps regulate our hormones and every conceivable aspect of our body. Its when we repair ourselves.

For the last couple of weeks I've not got the same amount of sleep that I try to get. I've got about 6 hours a night of broken sleep instead of the 8-9 hours that I try to get.
So with life happening- a baby included ive not slept as well. My weight hasn't changed but here are some of the symptoms I have with my lack of sleep.

① Catastrophic grumpiness
② less of a positive attitude and instead dwelling on negatives
③ Less mental energy
④ Lower level of patience
⑤ Poorer than usual coping skills
⑥ Less performance at work during the day
⑦ Poorer food choices because of mental state. Ie. I went for the first time in ages for a sugary sweet for energy as I was feeling so low and needed to get the kids to bed.

All these seem to be quite drastic, but these are truths that I've seen in my own psyche over the last couple of weeks. It feels rough!!!!
Now there might be times where you can't help but get poorer or disturbed sleep, but maybe try to get a brief nap or force yourself to head to bed earlier.

Infact I'm going to bed now. In another post I'll mention some of the ways to help get a better sleep!

Proper sleep will transform you.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

My new glass water bottle

I had a blog post there the other week where I outlined what Chris Kresser podcasted about the use of plastics.
He outlined the danger of BPAs and other contaminants that can leach into the foods and water that we consume. 
I've always drank out of plastic bottles, I'm now drinking an awful lot more water and as a result drinking from a plastic bottle. 
Chris mentioned that the long term effects of BPA are quite subtle in most of the population. But here have been links to cancer and other deathly diseases. Plastics can also increase human estrogen levels that can cause infertility in men and a range of bad symptoms.

So here is my new drinking bottle! It's so much nicer to drink from aswell in comparison to a plastic bottle! It has a lovely feel and a far nicer taste. I know that store bought bottled water is handy but it only takes a minute to wash and fill a glass bottle from home. Of course you have to be more careful with it, but its a win win. Has plastic ever been a good idea?!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

So I've started to add dairy back..

So after being off dairy for the last couple of weeks I've been adding some back in, mainly butter and cheese. Also some milk in coffee, as I can't manage bulletproof coffee.

The result? Well I was alright for a few days but I'm starting to get the skin reactions back, some Exzema behind my legs and a couple of other rashes. For my body I'm probably best off staying away from dairy.

But dairy is such a hard thing for me to give up, I love my butter and cheese and milk in my coffee. I've managed to cut down on my milk drinking by only having the smallest bit in my coffee, but it's still not ideal for me. I just don't know if I'm going to be able to cut it out completely.

Is it doing me any harm apart from rashes? Do I have inflammation in other body parts that I'm just not aware off?
How do you give up dairy if your addicted to it? Clarified butter just isn't the same!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What to snack on...

So I've been out and about at work, this morning I ate an egg, mushrooms, tomato and some bacon, all with some butter. 
That was a few hours ago and I'm not going to be home to eat till 7.30pm this evening. 

So I've just been into tesco and I've bought some almond nuts and some dark chocolate 85%.
That and a bottle of water. I still haven't found a glass or metal container... 

Just some snacking ideas! Maybe you could try some fruit but I'm not a mad fan of fruit. So I'm happy with almonds.
85% choc still isnt amazing in huge quantities as it still has sugar, even though it's a small amount. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Adding some resistant starch - results

Over the weekend i had some potato, as I've lost most of the weight i want to, and I've been listening to the benefits of some safe starch and fibre. And to be honest when I went low carb initially it wasn't the healthiest. Sure i had plenty of fat and no carbs, but I also had no vegetables and not enough nutrients.

Now I'm having plenty of real food, vegetables and limited potatoes. But increasing the carb intake like this does have some side effects. Even though I'm still a fat burner the resistant starch or potato in this case does effect my blood sugar and my satiety level. I'm hungrier sooner. Beforehand  I could go for seriously long periods without getting hungry, but at the moment Im getting hungry and it's 3 hours after a big healthy meal with some potato on the side, cut with plenty of butter to slow the carb hit. Perhaps it is good for you, and insulin isn't always a bad thing if your not resistant or spiking all the time. 

Still i think its something to keep an eye hypotension and cold extremities have improved though...

Monday, 5 May 2014

Hypoglycemic event - Low Carb

If you've been reading my blog you'll know that in general im quite low carb. Recently though havin lost the majority of weight that I wanted I've been less strict with my carbohydrate intake and have been experimenting with some resistant starch.
If anything I've lost more weight again, but sometimes at the weekend I might "cheat", I use that word liberally, by having something sweet. On this occasion my daughter was having an icecream. We limit her junk food but this was a family outing.
I took a few licks of her icecream and gave it back to her.

Later at the playground I stood up only to suffer hypotension. I had dizziness and a light head. This was about an hour or two after eating the icecream. My lunch had been a healthy paleo home made lunch.
This felt awful and I was actually worried about passing out as I was so dizzy, what would happen to my daughter?

Thankfully after sitting down for a few minutes and some relaxation and deep breathing I was fine, and even felt more energized than before?

I have read somewhere before that if you are very low carb that the first spike of sugar will send you hyperglycemic and then hypoglycemic like a diabetic. However, thereafter that day you'll react normally. 
It would make you think twice about dabbling in a bit of sugar. 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Low Carb for weight loss, what then? / Ketosis review

For the last 8 months I've been eating very low carbohydrate, and I've been in Ketosis for most of that time.
Even now I often intermittently fast by missing breakfast and going straight to lunch. I don't feel too bad when doing this because I'm fat adapted and don't even feel hungry when I'm doing it. 

But now that I'm fairly lean I no longer want to lose much weight. The ketogenic lifestyle was relatively easy for me to live by, but I did have some side effects. No matter what people say, Thyroid operation was effected. I'm only 30 and for the first time in my life I had cold extremities, and thats never happened before. No matter how much fat I added I had some hypo tension and tingling in the fingers.
I added magnesium and a good multivitamin for the majority of that time because I suffered with restless legs and other symptoms of a lack of magnesium.

This might sound like I'm critical of Low Carb Ketogenic Diets. However nothing could be further from the truth. This is how a ketogenic diet affected me, it might not be the same for you. 
Previous to going on the Low Carb diet I was in the darkness about Macro Nutrients and Micro Nutrients.
I was a total carbaholic, I could never get enough bread, pasta and sugars. Don't get me wrong I liked my fats as well, but the carb intake must of been huge.

However I've lost weight and I feel that I've done it relatively easily. And even better I've not done it as a fad but instead done it as an education into food and it's effect on my body.

What's next?
Well I know that I lost that weight because my blood sugar and Insulin levels were controlled. No longer were my fat store houses bolted closed.
But now I feel that my next progression is to real food only. This has been a transition over the last couple of weeks. I've eaten some more carbohydrates but these have been from vegetables and some home grown potatoes. Now, I've never been a huge fan of fruit, but now I eat carrots and a couple of times in a week some potatoes. 
I also eat slightly more almonds and slightly more dark chocolate. 
I'm still doing some intermittent fasting just because its easy, handy and I feel there are some definite benefits from it. This week I've also made some bone broth. I've never counted carbs and so I don't know what level my carbs have ever been, but now I know that they are higher.
I'm still not eating grains or sugars, even though I have done on occasion when at parties or the likes.

So from now on I'm going to continue to eat real food. This summer mainly from our vegetable patch!
I'm still going to eat plenty of fat and some protein, but my carbohydrate intake will be higher, but mainly from natural clean sources. I'm also looking into resistant starch and it's benefits. 
I'm sure I'll be ketogenic when I fast, but that's probably all.

My review: Ketogenic Low Carb diets are great for losing weight, regulating your body and for educating yourself. They help prevent diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Go for it, I'm glad I did. 
Then once you've achieved your weight loss perhaps transition over to a lower carb, natural real food approach.