Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Adding some resistant starch - results

Over the weekend i had some potato, as I've lost most of the weight i want to, and I've been listening to the benefits of some safe starch and fibre. And to be honest when I went low carb initially it wasn't the healthiest. Sure i had plenty of fat and no carbs, but I also had no vegetables and not enough nutrients.

Now I'm having plenty of real food, vegetables and limited potatoes. But increasing the carb intake like this does have some side effects. Even though I'm still a fat burner the resistant starch or potato in this case does effect my blood sugar and my satiety level. I'm hungrier sooner. Beforehand  I could go for seriously long periods without getting hungry, but at the moment Im getting hungry and it's 3 hours after a big healthy meal with some potato on the side, cut with plenty of butter to slow the carb hit. Perhaps it is good for you, and insulin isn't always a bad thing if your not resistant or spiking all the time. 

Still i think its something to keep an eye on...my hypotension and cold extremities have improved though...

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