Monday, 26 May 2014

Sleep transforms me

Everybody and their Aunt always talk about the importance of sleep. Sleep helps our immune system, it helps regulate our hormones and every conceivable aspect of our body. Its when we repair ourselves.

For the last couple of weeks I've not got the same amount of sleep that I try to get. I've got about 6 hours a night of broken sleep instead of the 8-9 hours that I try to get.
So with life happening- a baby included ive not slept as well. My weight hasn't changed but here are some of the symptoms I have with my lack of sleep.

① Catastrophic grumpiness
② less of a positive attitude and instead dwelling on negatives
③ Less mental energy
④ Lower level of patience
⑤ Poorer than usual coping skills
⑥ Less performance at work during the day
⑦ Poorer food choices because of mental state. Ie. I went for the first time in ages for a sugary sweet for energy as I was feeling so low and needed to get the kids to bed.

All these seem to be quite drastic, but these are truths that I've seen in my own psyche over the last couple of weeks. It feels rough!!!!
Now there might be times where you can't help but get poorer or disturbed sleep, but maybe try to get a brief nap or force yourself to head to bed earlier.

Infact I'm going to bed now. In another post I'll mention some of the ways to help get a better sleep!

Proper sleep will transform you.

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