Monday, 5 May 2014

Hypoglycemic event - Low Carb

If you've been reading my blog you'll know that in general im quite low carb. Recently though havin lost the majority of weight that I wanted I've been less strict with my carbohydrate intake and have been experimenting with some resistant starch.
If anything I've lost more weight again, but sometimes at the weekend I might "cheat", I use that word liberally, by having something sweet. On this occasion my daughter was having an icecream. We limit her junk food but this was a family outing.
I took a few licks of her icecream and gave it back to her.

Later at the playground I stood up only to suffer hypotension. I had dizziness and a light head. This was about an hour or two after eating the icecream. My lunch had been a healthy paleo home made lunch.
This felt awful and I was actually worried about passing out as I was so dizzy, what would happen to my daughter?

Thankfully after sitting down for a few minutes and some relaxation and deep breathing I was fine, and even felt more energized than before?

I have read somewhere before that if you are very low carb that the first spike of sugar will send you hyperglycemic and then hypoglycemic like a diabetic. However, thereafter that day you'll react normally. 
It would make you think twice about dabbling in a bit of sugar. 

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