Saturday, 17 May 2014

My new glass water bottle

I had a blog post there the other week where I outlined what Chris Kresser podcasted about the use of plastics.
He outlined the danger of BPAs and other contaminants that can leach into the foods and water that we consume. 
I've always drank out of plastic bottles, I'm now drinking an awful lot more water and as a result drinking from a plastic bottle. 
Chris mentioned that the long term effects of BPA are quite subtle in most of the population. But here have been links to cancer and other deathly diseases. Plastics can also increase human estrogen levels that can cause infertility in men and a range of bad symptoms.

So here is my new drinking bottle! It's so much nicer to drink from aswell in comparison to a plastic bottle! It has a lovely feel and a far nicer taste. I know that store bought bottled water is handy but it only takes a minute to wash and fill a glass bottle from home. Of course you have to be more careful with it, but its a win win. Has plastic ever been a good idea?!!


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