Tuesday, 13 May 2014

So I've started to add dairy back..

So after being off dairy for the last couple of weeks I've been adding some back in, mainly butter and cheese. Also some milk in coffee, as I can't manage bulletproof coffee.

The result? Well I was alright for a few days but I'm starting to get the skin reactions back, some Exzema behind my legs and a couple of other rashes. For my body I'm probably best off staying away from dairy.

But dairy is such a hard thing for me to give up, I love my butter and cheese and milk in my coffee. I've managed to cut down on my milk drinking by only having the smallest bit in my coffee, but it's still not ideal for me. I just don't know if I'm going to be able to cut it out completely.

Is it doing me any harm apart from rashes? Do I have inflammation in other body parts that I'm just not aware off?
How do you give up dairy if your addicted to it? Clarified butter just isn't the same!

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