Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Some People Are Very Misguided

I'm planning on writing a basic how to and as simple as possible, guide to the Paleo/ Low Carb or Ketogenic diet. It needs to be something that is easy to understand, logical, and tells the truth about Macro and Micro Nutrients!

Why am I all of a sudden moved to do this?
Well I think a lot of blogs out there today, like mine, focus on people that have made the transition to a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, there's a need to do a real simple back to basics episode.

My sister was talking to me about her diet last night. In fairness to her, she tries hard with her weight but she yoyos and goes on salad binges.
So what she does, is eat nothing but salads and is avoiding cheese and meat and other high calorie foods. She just eats salads, and then some wheat based cereals. She's having some awful sugar highs and lows. Of course this is because the carbs for breakfast is spiking her sugars and then the salads are leaving her crashing.
What's another symptom? She's starving! Of course if your not having much protein or fat. In essence it's a starvation diet.

But what do you tell someone who is entrenched in the old school thinking of calorie in verses calorie out?
That's why I need to do up a guide, for her especially and then to share it with any new comers.

For now I told her to eat (as we joke about here at home with the twitter outbreak Hashtag Real food!) Real food. So that's anything that doesn't come in a packet or processed in any way.

I encouraged her to eat meat, eggs, vegetables and all other natural products apart from potatoes ( at least at the start anyways).

But just saying that doesn't help people understand what chemical effect food has on us. Why 100 calories of carbs and sugar will react totally different to 100g of cheese and vegetables.

Stay tuned for my (hopefully simple) and quick guide.

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