Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Can I say no to homemade rhubarb crumble and custard?

Right now this minute my Mother In Law is preparing a Rhubarb crumble supper and some hot custard.
Looks, sounds and is delicious. The Rhubarb was grown in our veg patch and a lot of good ingredients have been used.

At the weekends I've been adding in some more Carbohydrates, which normally means some potatoes and very rarely some chocolate. So I'm not a total stick in the mud, but this can be a bit of a slippery slope for me. When does the odd bit of sweet thing or carbohydrate evening turn into every day of the week? A bit of processed food once off, but what if that continues the next day and then the next. Before you know it your 2 stone heavier. For me it's a bit of a slippery slope.

Hmmmm that Rhubarb crumble is really smelling good now, the oven will ping any minute I'd say...

It can be hard living a low carb lifestyle when the other people in your home don't. That's a fact. If you are giving up sugar for example its far easier if you don't have it in the house.

But we know what is "good" for us, we know what is "bad" for us.
Sugary food has been proven to light up the addictive part of our brain, the reward centre.
But how do you over come it? How do I say no to the now being dished Rhubarb crumble?

How do you force the common sense side of your brain to win over the impulsive compulsive nature?

I don't know the answer of the question. How do you replace want and desire with logic...
No doubt there are hundreds of chemical, physiological and psychological reasons behind what we do.

But here is how I'm going to say no to Rhubard Crumble at 22:43 Irish time. (ps If I was in bed then I wouldn't be having this problem).

This sounds fluffy but stay with me here and maybe even try it.

Acknowledge the desire. I want the rhubarb custard. There I've said it.
Next, let some time pass, don't go and grab that custard straight away, let a few minutes pass and distract yourself somehow.

Self narrative: If I eat a high fat and low carbohydrate diet I feel sharp, I feel light and I don't feel bloated, those skin reactions to wheat don't bother me.
If I eat high fat and low carb I can go forever without feeling hungry, I never have that emergency sugar low, but instead I can go on and on and on.
By eating this way I'm eating and being the healthiest person I can.
I look good now I'm thinner.

Verses: Eating this desert and liking it for a minute, only to feel rubbish and hungry very soon.

The Desert is on the table...

I'm afraid I'm having some...

Full fat greek yogurt and almonds...

Well after this blog post I could hardly go ahead and eat it!

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