Monday, 23 June 2014

Cholesterol clarity - My Family's Cholesterol story

My parents have just had their bloods taken and their cholesterol has risen and as a result the doctor has given them the option of reducing it with diet or by taking medication.
Fortunately they have decided to do it with diet in comparison with taking statins to reduce their cholesterol.

That's where the good news ends though. The doctor gave them a couple of website to look at about diet and they have announced that they are no longer eating eggs, sausages, cheese and butter and are instead switching back to margarine. Yuck!

Now I also have slightly elevated cholesterol according to my doctor but my HDL was quite a bit higher than my LDL so she wasn't worried. However I hope my cholesterol is sky high!! Here's why:

The Benefits to Cholesterol

Cholesterol is needed for so many essential tasks in our body. It's needed for us to survive. 
It is used to transport essential nutrients around the body and it also helps in the production of many of our vitamins. Our body actually makes cholesterol, yes most of what is found in our body is made there. Because we need it. In fact it has been estimated that we can only control up to 15% of the cholesterol in our body by reducing our dietary amount. Our body makes the other 85%.
Cholesterol also helps us to ward off infections and for cognitive workings.
If Cholesterol is so important why are we against it so much?

A Brief Review of the War Against Cholesterol

So a man called Ansel Keys in the 50's came up with a hypothesis that argued that Cholesterol was the main culprit behind the clogging of arteries and of heart attacks. His argument was that we should remove all saturated fat from the diet to be healthy.
In the end this was adopted by government agencies into the food pyramid. 
However since the study has been seen to be flawed.

But like a sink downpipe clogged with grease, that's what our arteries are like right?!!!

Cholesterol blamed in the wrong.

Jimmy Moore has a fantastic book out only recently on the subject. He illustrated it this way. Blaming cholesterol for heath disease and coronary blockages is like blaming firemen for the amount of fires. 
They are always at the scene of a fire so it must have something to do with them?
This is the same as dietary cholesterol.

In fact in the USA a recent survey showed that 75% of admissions to A&E for heart problems had low to normal cholesterol. Not high.

Sure if someone has a blockage of the arteries there is going to be cholesterol there narrowing the passage ways. So how is it not cholesterol's fault?

Well what happens before that is what matters. 

Cholesterol only gathers onto an artery if the artery itself is sick and inflamed. 
Yes if our arteries suffer years of inflammation then they are more likely to pick up cholesterol that clogs.

So what makes the arteries inflamed? You name it! Poor diet that is high in sugar, eating processed un- natural toxic foods that damage us internally. Msg you lisn'n?

Another fine way to prevent clogging is to change the nature of the cholesterol itself. 
If you eat a poor diet - a western fast food diet full of poor oils and fats - man made, and eat lots of sugar and toxins, your LDL (so called bad Cholesterol) becomes smaller and smaller in nature. 

Instead of light and fluffy in the case of a very healthy person the LDL can attach themselves to inflamed arteries because of their mere size and characteristics.

So for me, I'm never going to take anything for my cholesterol. Statins have outrageous side effects in some people such as mental decline and achy bones and muscles. Business rules the world and there's a multi billion dollar lobby interest looking after the statin consummation. Your doctor is not educated and is under the same spell. In my experience doctors are only interested in seeing you for 10 minutes, prescribing a medication that a rep has given them and then moving onto the next patient. (This has happened to me too).

Eat real food and eat healthy. 

Cholesterol is an amazing tool for our body. 

No doubt you won't believe a blog post, and you shouldn't. But go and check it out or even read a book or two about it, like Jimmy Moore's Cholesterol Clarity. 
Your health should be in your hands and not big business. But, are you happier just popping a pill instead of changing your life? Rather eat rubbish and rely on tablets that may or may not be doing you harm?

Not for me...

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