Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hyperglycemic after sugar/ carbs

I've been living quite low carb the last couple of weeks. Sometimes if we're going to friends houses though or if the mood suits, I sometimes have some carb or some sugary treat.

That's what happened last night, I had some ice cream after dinner. Now I'm very active in my daily job and at the moment I'm quite low on my carbohydrates, only really getting them from some organic berries that we are growing in the garden, and some whole Greek natural yogurt.

The result to having some sugar and carbs?

Not good! I've written about this before, I feel drugged when I have sugar, like a child that you see wired, running around hyperactive! I really feel drugged but not in a nice way.
All last night I kept waking up feeling this way and also dry in the mouth and endlessly thirsty.
It was a real hyperglycemic reaction.

The answer for me isn't to introduce it more frequently into the diet so that the hyperglycemic events are minimized, but probably to stay away all together!

So at the moment I'm on a detox of water and some fats to try and clear my head of this weird feeling!

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