Tuesday, 10 June 2014

So all that is said and done: My Diet and why

I've changed the way that I'm eating for the last 9 months now. As a result I'm 2 stone lighter.

I no longer believe the calories in Vs calories out hypothesis. I now know that food should be viewed as the chemicals that they are. But I'm afraid that to fully make sense of why I eat the way I do, there needs to be a bit of a biological discussion.

Different macro nutrients (Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates) have different calories per gram and different results on the body. An example that we know quite readily is that Protein is used to build muscle and restore our body.
Fat is used as a transporting agent, fuel for the body, and without it we can't extract the goodness from our foods.
Carbohydrates break down in our body into glucose. This provides energy for our body. We have no daily requirement though for carbohydrates the same way that we have for protein or fat, both of which as needed for us to survive and thrive.

So when we eat any form of carbohydrate our body it down into glucose for us to burn.
But our body has an ability only to store 5 teaspoons of glucose in the entire body at any one time. This is stored glycogen. We normally have about 2,000 calories worth.

But how does our body get rid of all the excess glucose? Well say you went to McDonald's and had a fast food dinner and shake, then your carb intake could be converted into the same as 50 teaspoons of sugar. No, I'm not saying your eating that much sugar, but your body will use the carbs to produce the equivalent.

So what can the body do to survive the carbohydrate onslaught?

Well what the body does is to secrete Insulin from the pancreas, and what that does is to transport and transform the glucose. The glucose is transported around the body to the muscles for immediate use, and the glucose that isn't needed is put into your fat stores as fat.

So fat doesn't make you fat, instead it's insulin that is the storage hormone in our body.

But wait there's more!

Insulin not only stores fat but it also prevents you gaining access to the store of energy. Instead it constantly stores.

So how can you lose fat? Well the best way, without forcing the body into it with starvation, is to cut down drastically on the amount of carbohydrates that you eat. Then, you can access that store on the body. That some 40,000 calories of fuel ready to use. Protein can give very small amounts of Insulin releases but nothing in comparison to the carbohydrate.

As we get older, and our bodies get pounded and pounded over many years of insulin production, our cells actually become immune to a certain extent to Insulin. They become deaf to it as it where.
Then our pancreas produces more and more to keep up with the load.
In the end our body becomes so deaf to insulin that the body can no longer produce enough Insulin for our body. So the only answer is to inject more Insulin. IE. Diabetes type 2!
But wait, what about removing the need for the insulin in the first place? If you have so little a need, then you won't need the insulin so much.

There's no surprise today that Diabetes and weight has become such a problem. People are downing carbs like at no time before. Do you think your grandparents ate the GMO, sprayed, and sugar full foods that we call food today? I don't think so.

That's why I'm so confused about diets today that claim to work, that starve people thin only for them to break their metabolism even more.
Pretend for a minute to believe the science I've told you, can you see why going on a low calorie diet isn't the answer. So today I've had 1200 calories you might say, of healthy whole grains and fruit juice.
Then I treated myself to a 200 calorie sugary snack.
But what really happens with this example, is your telling your body to stop and go at the same time. Your telling your body to store in a time of starvation. It doesn't make sense.

But it's a sacrifice. Carbohydrates by themselves aren't tasty, but add some fat and protein into the mix, IE a sandwich, and they can be Delicious. I'm not saying never eat carbs, but at least be safe in the knowledge of what it's doing to you.

So that's how Ive lost weight, but how do you eat this way and how do you fuel yourself?
Salads only diet? Always hungry?

That's all to come...

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