Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cyclical/ Seasonal Eating Habits - Ketosis / Low carb all the time?

I consider my diet to be real food based, nutrient rich and relatively low carbohydrate.
I've lost a couple of stone eating a ketogenic diet but these days I don't eat low enough carbohydrate to be in Ketosis. I am still fat adapted though because I find Intermittent fasting easy, and in general don't feel hungry when doing a 15 hour fast. I no longer need to lose any weight either really, just a bit of vanity weight perhaps but that's only a few pounds.

However, even though Ketogenic diets are indeed a great tool for losing weight.
But when I was eating a Ketogenic diet I was in deep Ketosis, and I know I wasn't eating enough vegetables. I was eating no fruit at all, which I know isn't a problem as I was getting my nutrients elsewhere.

However, in nature we see that animals eat in a cyclical or seasonal manner. They don't eat the same all year round, and have different stages of fat storage throughout the year.
In essence they fatten themselves throughout the summer and Autumn in preparation for the winter. We know that fruit, and it's Fructose can aid in putting on weight because of the Insulin response.

If your not obese, have diabetes or any other metabolic disease (included are some of the neuro degenerative diseases) I'm not sure that the best thing for you is to be Ketosis or very low Carbohydrate during the summer/ winter months.
If you do have any of the above problems, probably because of years of the standard diet, then I would stay on the Ketogenic or Low Carbohydrate diet, as the results are more beneficial.

But if you are of good weight and health, I think that during the summer / autumn you should increase your carbohydrate intake. This isn't by Mars bars of course, but with healthy whole food options.

Perhaps you could include seasonal things into your diet such as potatoes ( I prefer mine mashed in plenty of butter - hashtag - more butter than potatoes), some blackberries or other berries. These have antioxidants and have so many nutrients that help our body. By adding a fat such as butter you decrease the sugar spike too remember.

Our body knows how to fix itself. It knows how to stay in a state of homoeostasis.
All we have to do is to get out of its way. I believe that those natural foods even though higher in carbohydrates, give us more than they take away.
I believe that we should live cyclically. In the summer time we need less sleep, it gets dark later and the amount of sunlight we get increases. But we don't live like that all year long.
We are designed to live according to the seasons and I think that having a flat annual diet is wrong.

So I'm eating potatoes on a number of occasions per week, I'm also eating berries, higher carbohydrate vegetables and other fruits natural to my country. I won't be eating this way though in the dead of winter. I'll get my nutrients then from fats. I'll also reintroduce more organ meats such as liver.

In conclusion, a low carbohydrate diet is beneficial for health and longevity. If your sick, then stay low carbohydrate. But if your a fit and healthy person, I think you can benefit to being close to your natural environment and the foods that it provides.
I'm very lucky in that we have room for a polytunnel where we grow organic vegetables, where we never use any chemicals or products. I must take a picture of it to show you!

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