Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Food as medicine/ repair.

I've not blogged for a while and this is because things have been mad busy around here.
I've been flat out with work and outside projects till late every evening. As a result I've been feeling physically tired and achy. Add to that a baby teething at nighttime and you've got a recipy for real fatigue and exhaustion!

I'm the only one in our home that eats a paleo/ whole food sort of diet. The rest of my family eat very well by comparison to the general population but they do eat wholegrain wheat and spelt pasta.

So there's always plenty of junk food to eat if the need takes you! The time that I'm most tempted to eat carbs and junk is when I'm tired and achy.
That's how I've felt this week and yet I've been able to fight the desire for rubbish.

First of all its important to achnoledge that you want the bad food of choice. I want a sandwich and chrisps followed by a bit of chocolate cake!

But then you have to get passed that desire, yes I want those things, but how would I feel in 30 mins? Hungry, bloated and in poor mood?
Because I know how I'll feel shortly afterwards I've been able to make good choices.
This is especially tough when your tired and have less mental strength.

Finally, what can you eat? Below is a picture of what I made for myself.
Food can be a cure and help the body to recover from tiredness and damage, or it can add to stomach problems and inflammation. Have you ever loved a McDonalds or Chinese takeaway only to feel like rubbish an hour later?

So instead I made this dinner, homegrown onion, some mushrooms, pepper,herbs, chicken breast, garlic, a small touch of ginger and some broccoli.
All cooked in some butter and then some butter on top afterwards for good measure.

Afterwards I felt better and safe in the knowledge that I'm helping my body to repair itself and to fuel itself without relying on damaging sugar rushes. Saying that,sugar really does react badly these days as I'm not used to it. To treat myself I enjoy some 85% cocoa chocolate. That, and some Greek style yogurt from Glenisk!!

Food is medicine, with a bit of mental strength and the right mental tools you can make the right decisions that will help you to perform your best and repair any damage.

Now for some rest!!

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