Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Food Intolerances Dairy - Eggs

Hello everyone,
You might recall that I did this blog post about the bad skin rashes that I was getting from a dairy intolerance.

If you eat a high fat and lower carbohydrate diet there is a good chance that you are eating a large proportion of your fat intake from dairy products. I'm no different, I love my full fat Glenisk Yogurt seen below. It has a high fat content and low carbohydrate, yet it has important pro biotic cultures.
But even more important its seriously delicious!

Well, as it happens I've not had the bad skin reactions lately. The back of my legs no longer have the rash and my skin conditions have improved.
I've also not had eggs recently. It hasn't been a deliberate act, but more of a boredom thing. I had over done them for a while so I hadn't had them for a few weeks.

When I did have eggs the other week sure enough my skin flared up with a vengeance.
I'm not saying I don't have a small intolerance to dairy as well, but my flare up to eggs has shown that I've a sure fire problem there.

If you have skin problems, be sure that its coming from a gut problem or from an intolerance.
There are many things that can cause intolerances, but some of the most common foods include dairy, gluten, wheat, eggs and nuts.

Try eliminating those from your diet for a few weeks and slowly add them back in one by one. Then see which one effects you the most.

My daughters are allergic (blood test analysis) to eggs, dairy and wheat. So in a way I had a head start in knowing what my short list is.

Just because you have an intolerance though doesn't mean that you will always be allergic to those things though. My research shows that by repairing inflammation in the gut and leaky gut, then you may tolerate these things in the future...

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