Thursday, 28 August 2014

Its a sleepy story- Uvex 9176 Review

Well my Uvex amber tinted glasses have come in the post. Here's how I look!
Geeky huh?!!!

So what do I think of them? Well they are blocking out some of the blue light. If you wear them and tip them up above your eyes, you can see how the blue glare of the screen is so much stronger without them.

However for extra tint I'd be tempted to go for the more orange lens as the amber is quite a light tint. I suppose having a light tint means you can wear them easily without the world being distorted. In fact I've worn them for the last couple of evenings and I've forgotten I was was wearing them.

Another plus point is that they have a good wrap around lenses so that light isn't let in very easily. This is probably because they are actually safety glasses. They are also advertised as being UV blockers.

They are also cheap. I paid €7 or $10 including delivery.

The only disappointment with them is that the arms grip the sides of your head quite firmly, which is  great feature in a safety glass, but if your wearing them every evening all evening long, they can start to become A bit sore.

But are they a great cheap option in comparison to $80 blueblockers™?
Yes they sure are! I might move onto a set of blue blockers once I'm in the routine and sure I'll use them. But for now I'm happy with my Uvex 9176 020x amber safety glasses!

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