Friday, 22 August 2014

My 1 year Anniversary is soon!

I'm planning my blog post on the anniversary of my new found wisdom (nutritional and healthy living revolution). This is in a weeks time.

You see a year ago I knew nothing of nutrition or how the body works, I didn't know why I couldn't lose weight or why I'd out it back on,not really.
Nor did I realise the longterm damage so many people are doing to themselves.

Was I a likely candidate for a complete turnaround? Not at all!!! The fact that I have really does mean that everybody can.
Now im really turning into a health nut- in the nicest way possible.

So keep an eye out for my 1 year review blog post that'll be out in a week or so.
In it I'll catalogue my transformation and show that there's no one answer and instead, its a gradual learning process. A process where you change your mind on things as you grow and learn.

My diet - No - My diet!!!!

Hash tag real food
Hash tag low carb
Hash tag fuel for life

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