Saturday, 9 August 2014

uvex 9176 020 x amber safety glasses- protect your sleep!!!

These are the safety glasses that I've just bought off eBay for £6.99. 
Uvex are a big name in the safety glass world, and they make top quality safety glasses that are wrap around and 100% UV resistant.

But I've not bought them to wear while doing any dangerous works, I'm buying them to wear in the evening times around my house! I know I'll look rediculous but at least I'll only be visible to my family. I'll have to take a picture of myself with them on.

The fact of the matter though is that amber tinted glasses remove blue light. There are some seriously expensive versions on the market, you can pay £70 for some blue light removers that are also amber. But these although not as good are still supposed to be effective. If they aren't, I'll just have some trendy safety glasses!

So what does blue light do!??
As the sun goes down the colour of the sky and of our world has a direct impact on the body. When the lights go dim and the darkness comes, our body reduces the stress hormone called cortisol. Our bodies then produce a hormone called melotonin. This aides our feeling drousy and helps us to sleep better and longer.

No doubt as humans we are supposed to receive all these queues from nature, but modern technology means we have beaming light all evening and sometimes all night. We sit and look at televisions or electronic devices that emit huge amounts of light, and especially blue light. Thus we often don't drop off to sleep as we should, or this fake blue light can delay the sleep signals that our body gives us.
This can result in poor night sleeps even when we think we sleep relatively well.

Best practice is to go to bed soon after the soon goes down, but in our modern life that would be quite difficult. So by wearing blue blocking glasses you can greatly reduce the damage that electronic light will do to your hormones.

I'll let you know how I find them!

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