Monday, 18 August 2014

You and Your Mobile Phone - 7 easy steps to lower radiation

This is sort of off the beaten track for me, after all this is normally a diet blog. However, I've made a few changes recently in my cell phone usage on the back of some information I've heard.

We all know that mobile phones probably aren't that good for us.
That's a fact, we all know that they do us no good, but in reality it's been hard to put a figure on how bad they are for us. As a result things have gone quiet on the front, and as we are all busy we soon forget about the issue.

But the WHO have recently come out with some new research. A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries looked at peer-reviewed studies on the safety of mobile phones.
They categorised the mobile phone exposure as "possibly carcinogenic to humans". They did not say that exposure was carcinogenic.

The type of radiation that comes from a mobile phone is called non-ionising, which works on the same principle as a microwave oven. Ever have a long conversation and feel that the phone side of your head is warm or hot? I have!

Manufacturers of many popular mobile phones already warn consumers to keep their device away from their body.
Apple Iphone safety document as well as the blackberry equivalent advise users to keep devices an inch away from your head when making voice calls or transmitting data.
The further the phone is from the body the less radiation is absorbed.

Am I giving up my mobile / Cell phone then? Not a chance!!

So with that all said and done, I'm sure that my Iphone is probably causing me some damage. I need my phone for my business though, and like everyone else in the western world I'm addicted to it.
But here are some steps that I've taken that are quite simple, and yet reduce the risks.

  • My mobile is no longer in the bedroom with me at night time. My Iphone was always used for the alarm clock feature. But the alarm only works if the phone is left on. So my Iphone would sleep on the bed beside me, on charge for the night. Even though I wasn't making any calls, the phone periodically still talks to the tower and emits radiation. Now I have a regular alarm clock and the phone charges in the kitchen over night. Another benefit is that I don't check my phone or randomly google something while I'm supposed to be getting some sleep or rest!
  • When I'm home or in the car, I don't keep the phone in my pocket for hours on end. Instead, leave it down somewhere, in the same room, but away from your body. When I'm in the car, I put the phone on the passenger seat or even further away, I take it out of my pocket.
  • Talk with the phone on speaker if possible. As I mentioned above it will decrease the radiation if the phone is away from your body.
  • I also use the Iphone headphone set which has a built in microphone. In this way I can be on the phone and have the phone away from my body or at least not near my head! (brain). This is so easy to do and does not sacrifice any call quality. Perhaps then leave the phone down beside you so that the radiation is as far away as possible. 
  • Text instead of call. If you don't have to make that call, don't make it. Would a simple text message suffice?
  • Be careful of mobile phone usage around your children, their skulls are thinner and more lightly to be damaged by the radiation that you.
  • If you are on the move and have a backpack or some other handbag, put the phone in there (secure of course) rather than having it on your person. 

You might feel that the research is inconclusive at the moment on the damaging effects of mobile phone usage. But if that doubt is there why take the risk?
The steps above are easy and pain free, why not give them a go...

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