Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Your Motivations and Habits - What do you believe?

That's it, I'm going to follow this plan and lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks...
I'm going to run a mini marathon in 2 months time...
Before the wedding in 2 months time, I'm going to have lost this 20 pounds...
I'm going to be a better (fill in the blank)...

Do any of these sound familiar? These goals will get some people results, the goal or reward is there at the end. But what happens if you get to the end? What happens next? What if you fall short, will you be totally demoralised and give up?

There is a better way...

Create The Belief

You can modify your behavior, like the examples above, I'm going to do X and Y different.
Or you can change your core belief about yourself. Here are 2 examples that show the power of belief over the power of behavior.

If you want to start running and do mini marathons you could have the two above cognitive tools.
Goal driven: I'm going to run 3 times a week, I'm going to force myself to do it because I want to get to X.
Belief driven: I'm now a runner who runs 3 or so times a week. That is my identity. I'm networking with other runners, doing research about running and in general have the core belief that I am runner.
What will have better success?

Example 2.
I'm going to eat less sugar and focus on food quality and lower carbohydrates.
Goal Driven: I'm going to get lean and healthier, perhaps for a holiday or event
Belief Driven: I'm a healthy person and I don't eat junk. I'm continually improving my health.
What happens when you have a bump in the road and eat some treat?
The goal driven person may give up and view themselves as a failure. The Belief driven person views it as a hick up on the road and continues to go back to eating healthy, because that's who they are.

Having a strong belief system and strong self identification is essential. Its a far stronger tool than any scheme or fad, its an amazing internal furnace.

What do you believe about yourself? What does your self talk say? 

Write it down, especially the negative self talk, and analyse them after a week.
What negative things do you believe about yourself? You might be shocked!

Then whenever you hear yourself beating yourself down, or saying something negative such as - your a failure- catch yourself and change it.
No I'm not a failure, this action didn't work, and its best not to go down that path, instead I'll learn the best way to do X or Y because I know that I'm a intelligent person. I failed because I tried something, we all have to fail on the way to success.

If deep down you believe negative things about yourself your going to fail in your goals. Henry Ford once said - whether you think you can or you can't, your right.
If we believe deep down that we will give up or that we aren't of high value, then we will become that self fulfilling prophecy.

The power of the habit

Scientists at Duke university concluded that 40% of the tasks we perform are by habit. How powerful is that! The fact that we do so much by rote can be turned to our advantage!

Once you have the correct belief system you can now create successful habits.
Successful habits are things that stay true to your belief system.
This doesn't have to be huge massive occupations, but instead small baby steps.

When you have the correct belief system about yourself you can then ask yourself what you should be doing on a day by day basis to be true to your true core beliefs.
As I am a (insert your own belief here) person, then to stay true to my identity I have these daily actions. Instead of watching TV or some other activity I will do x, because that's who I am.
Then when, and its not if, but when you go through a rough spell, instead of thinking oh well I've failed, instead we can think, I've been going through a rough time recently, I've not stayed true, or my behaviour and actions havent stayed true to who I am as a person. As a result I feel disappointed, but now I must try harder to stay true to myself and follow my belief system. Who I truely am.

Imagine how far you can progress by using a positive belief system. Its not easy, but its a powerful tool.


What do you believe?