Friday, 3 October 2014

beginners guide - what should I eat???

What should I eat?

Food makes us happy, gives us energy and can make us healthy and strong. Food can also be a comfort, a companion and something to share with friends.

Most people that go to the effort of reading this material though are either looking for an improvement in one of the above aspects in life.
Food has the ability to add so much positive into our lives, but only if we are smart enough to use it in the way that humans have for thousands of years: naturally. Organically. Whole foods.

Years ago there wasn't the obesity or diabetes that we see today. Humans have advanced so far, and yet we have so much to learn from the past.

Years ago your great grand parents ate off the land, often food that they grew with their own hands.
There wasn't chemicals, pesticides or other nasties in their food. Nor was their food filled with E numbers or copious amounts of sugar.
As a result they worked hard physically, and often didn't suffer from being over weight and sick.
Of course there were terrible diseases that killed millions, and anti biotics have been one of those great inventions that humankind has brought about.

Would you like to lose weight? Would you like to have more energy and less colds and flus?
I sure would, add along to that the prevention of diabetes and other diseases and its a easy yes!
All we have to do is to go back and copy the diet of our ancestors, the way we were meant to eat.
Because the science backs it up.

I've found great success with this way of eating. I know that if I hadn't educated myself about the science in ancestral eating that I would of continued to pile on the weight, and I know that in the end I would of had diabetes and other health problems. This has indeed saved me from a poor fate.
Once you have this down it can be one of the most empowering things in your life. You can then be able to focus on what is important in life.

Some of these blog posts may not be interesting to you, but I will try to add beginners guides to this page. So go on and give it a try. Let food be thy medicine.

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