Monday, 13 October 2014

Live in the moment, grateful and distraction free

Well the sofa that I'm sitting on isn't quite long enough to stretch out fully but it's comfy and it's only three foot away from a nice roaring fire. The stove is putting a lovely red/ orange hue across the Kitchen. Its also 2am. Our daughter is asleep in my arms too. She has a lot of allergy problems at the moment, shes also teething. So there isn't too much unbroken sleep in our house at the moment.
I was in bed at half eight and so Ive managed to get in some hours sleep and I'll do so in another while.
As I've mentioned before sleep is an essential part of our being. it's where we repair ourselves, We regulate ourselves and our genetic expressions, we reset ourselves.

But I'm not writing to you about any of that really. What I'm writing about today is something i have been working on. Its something I think the new technology generation has to be conscious of.

One way of describing it is living in the moment.
Being grateful of the moment, and avoidance of multi tasking.
Wait just let me put some more on the fire...

We all have smart phones that give us 24/7 access to our emails, Facebook, forums and eBay.

All these things though can be noise, they can prevent us being truly productive but more importantly they can take away the moment of reflection.

We don't have a minute just to stop and be in that minute. We fill it with catching up on the latest news and events. You may feel that the latest thing on facebook or forum is important or engaging, but is it really?

If you keep filling every single little void minute in the day with random and unimportant internet searching then you'll leave yourself tired and disconnected from your family and whats going on around you. Put it all down.

Those things though useful in their place are there to serve you, perform tasks for you. You are the master over them, and they could be taking more from you than you think. They don't add to your quality of life...

Try this:
Live in the moment-

  • Enjoy the quiet times in your day. You don't have to fill them, but instead use them as time for the most important thing of all - yourself.
  • What can I be grateful for in this moment? Right now I'm grateful that I have a comfy sofa to sit on, I'm lovely and warm beside the fire. My daughter is sleeping soundly...(for now). This, even though a unfortunate time is a chance for me to bond with her and build that attachment. I can enjoy the lovely glow of a fire on a frosty night. I'm healthy and feel good in myself. I'm grateful I have this way of communicating what I'm learning. There's so much good for us to see. We just have to stop distracting ourselves
  • By being grateful of the moment avoid all negative thoughts. Better yet, realise they are only thoughts and rewrite the law in your own head. For example - Why am I not in bed right now - this sucks. Why does it have to be MY daughter that cant sleep. But why go down a negative path like that?
  • Realise and acknowledge what you use as a pacifier/ distracter in your life. What will eBay shopping or facebook give me right now in comparison to enjoying this moment with family/ children/ or a hobby.

Finally, another thing that I'm trying not to do and yet so many are trying to learn is to multi task. I'm actually quite good at it too, in comparison to my wife who cant do it at all, which can be a good thing!

If you multi task instead of doing two things at once ( or more), you are instead doing two things badly. Your not giving things 50/50 percent attention your giving them 25/25 percent attention because so much energy is wasted in stop start tasking and not giving your full thought to a task.

Live in the moment, cherish and be grateful for each moment, you're more important than the distractions.

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