Friday, 3 October 2014

What food can I give my baby?

We have two adorable little girls, 41/2 and 9 months, so it's a busy little house!
Im afraid I pass on some amazing DNA to my offspring, they are truely gifted in every way. (tongue in cheek).

But I also pass on food intolerances and allergies.
Both of our girls have been allergy tested and have been identified to be allergic to a whole host of things. The four year old handles her intolerances far better now, but the test came back saying she was allergic to nuts, wheat, eggs and dairy.

Our baby has been showing signs of intollerances too with severe skin rashes.
So its an ongoing challenge to find foods that contain non of the above. It can be quite limiting and can leave you feeling- what can I feed the baby today?!!!

We are very fortunate that we are able to grow most of our own vegetables. We endevour to feed our family organic and natural foods that have as little processing as possible. Still it can be a challenge.
But I came accross these little packages in Tesco:

As you can see from the ingredients they are organic and contain no nasties.

The little one loves them smothered over her meat and vegetables.

So if your a bit bemused about what to give your baby, whether its for food intolerances or for a Paleo lifestyle. Check out these pouches!

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