Saturday, 15 November 2014

This Chocolate Cannot be beaten, if you think it can... you're wrong

As you may know we get most of our vegetables from our poly tunnel but when it's out of season we go to our local Organics shop called 'kineden organics' in Drumod. This is their website where you can see some of the products they sell. It's the only true organic shop for miles and is such a lovely place to shop, safe in the knowledge that everything is organic. There's great coffee there too!

That's where I first found the best chocolate ever. It's 100% raw cacao and is made in such a way to keep all the goodness of cocoa.

Here is an extract from their website explaining about the goodness of cocoa and their processes.


    In the regular chocolate production process, the cacao beans are roasted and ground at very high temperatures whereby much of the cacao's beneficial qualities are destroyed. But raw chocolate is differrent:  The raw cacao beans are not roasted but cold ground, many of the beautiful cacao substances remain intact, namely antioxidants (flavonoids) and "love chemicals".
    In the Lovechock process, from the cacao bean through to the end product, the temperature is kept below 49ÂșC. Respect for the natural ingredients and passion for chocolate assure the high quality of Lovechock.
    Raw food is a diet in which only fresh, unheated vegetable foods are consumed (so lots of juices, smoothies, salades, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds). Because foods are eaten raw, the vitamin, minerals and enzymes remain intact. These are more easily absorbed into the body than when a foodstuff has been processed and cooked.
    Raw, unroasted nuts are full of enzymes. By soaking them in water, the enzymes come to life and can be planted to produce new trees. This is also true of the cacao bean, which is the seed of the cacao fruit.

    Lovechock uses only the best, natural and organic ingredients. After a long search our choice fell upon the Arriba Nacionale, which is a superior cacao bean from Ecuador. A 'cacao fino de aroma', that is to say a speciality cacao. Speciality cacao makes up only 4% of the total world cacao trade, the rest is bulk cacao. Arriba Nacionale is a rare cacao sort which requires careful and dedicated cultivation.
    The Arriba Nacionale has a full and intense flavour with tones of exotic fruits and spicy, flowery accents.
    The cacao Lovechock uses is organically grown on a small scale by small farmers who also often cultivate other fruits. This assures a high biodiversity. Organic quality is particularly important for chocolate. Cacao grows in a tropical climate and normally cacao trees are sprayed with lots of pesticides. Lovechock uses cacao which has not been sprayed with pesticides (SKAL025561).
    Lovechock buys her chocolate directly at the cacaocorperation. You'll find here more information about this subject.

    This chocolate is the perfect blend, it tastes so good and yet you know that it has been made organically and by being raw it has preserved the goodness of cocoa. 
    Cocoa is great for the body, it has magnesium, iron, and antioxidants to keep us strong and healthy. It also has Flavinoids, and research points to its help in preventing Alzheimer's and Cancer.
    So now you truly have an excuse for eating chocolate!

    You need to try some!

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