Thursday, 25 December 2014

Winter Wind Down/ Repair 10 easy steps

Normally at this time of year we all sit down on our sofas and breath a huge sigh of relief that the jobs are done for the year.

If your like me though I often get run down at this time of year and catch colds and flus.
I've been working flat out up to now so as I sit here and type, I'm feeling particularly knackered and ill!
But I've also got my 1 year old asleep on me, she is awful cute. I've really enjoyed my day with her. Any way I digress!
I've compiled a bullet point list of what to do if your feeling burnt out or under the weather at this time of year. Some of them are common sense and other ones might not be so.

So get yourself ready for Go again with these few tips

  • If your feeling drained or unwell acknowledge the feeling. Too many times we feel this way but pass it off or push ourselves through it with Caffeine or other stimulants. You might just need a few days of not doing much to repair and recover your strength. Handful of rest better than hard work?
  • In order to repair yourself your going to have to get some quality sleep. This time of year the evenings are getting darker and for good reason. It's the time of year for our bodies to rest from the hard labour of the year and get some needed sleep. To get good sleep you need to get down to bed early, and before you go to bed avoid bright lights, caffeine and alcohol. Yes avoid the drink. You may think that you are sleeping soundly after a drink but your not. Not in the deep repair stage of sleep anyway. Try to get a minimum of 8 hours at this time.
  • Get some sun when you can. You might be off of work for a few days, and you may stay indoors for most of the time. But the second that you see some sunshine, however brief it is these days, go out and grab some in a hurry. Even ten minutes can be enough for you to get your daily quota of Vitamin D.This is essential for repair!
  • Focus on the quality of your food. Sure enough fast food and sweets are all the rage over the holidays but really they do you no favors. You may even feel that you need that extra boost of the sweets. But avoid if you can, sugar is a known anti-nutrient, the same as grains. Try to have extra servings of vegetables with your meals.
  • Ditch the soft drinks that only add to inflammation and instead drink tons of water. This will help clean and renew your blood and your system.
  • IF you know of something that your allergic to, whether that is gluten or eggs or something of the like, avoid these strictly if your looking to repair yourself. The last thing that your immune system needs is to fight another "infection". 
  • Remember those expensive vitamins and even magnesium tablets that you have in the kitchen that you've not taken for a month or two? Start on them again. This will help give your immune system the help it needs. Even better if you can get it all from your food but most of us can't these days and that's why it can be important to supplement.
  • Get some gentle exercise. Try some walking for even half an hour and see how the cobwebs are shaken away and you can get a Dopamine hit from your exercise. As this is a repair guide Id recommend only light exercise at this stage. We want you stronger and not weaker. 
  • Have a good laugh. Whether that's with friends of family try to have a good time. Scientists have found huge benefits to this.
  • Use some of your quiet time for some deep relaxing. Whether this be mindfulness or some other practise. Enjoy the quiet times and don;t fill it with distractions

I hope that you can use some of these tips to the road to recovery. This time of year really is for this repair, before the evenings get longer and we start getting busy again. 

Good health to you!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Our Tap Water? Reverse Osmosis and Spring Water

I've been drinking a lot of tap water in this last year. You might of seen the entry I made showing you all my glass drinking bottle rather than the horrible plastic drinking bottles that I had been using before. This is because of the dangerous BPA's that leach from plastic. That can never be good right!

But the issue is very important as 90% of our blood is water. The quality of the water we ingest has an outcome of the quality of our bodies.

But I digress. I've been doing some research into the tap water that we drink.
I know that you should never really do research into things like that because it will scare you!
But here are a few of the things about tap water that is bad for you...

  • Chlorine - Thank goodness we don't have plagues and water born diseases in our water today. Chlorine does a great job at killing all the pathogens in our water making it safe for us. But it is a antibiotic, and thus has the same result on our bodies when we drink it. Studies have found lots of harmful side effects to Chlorine including Cancer
  • Fluoride - This is to do the same job as well as look after our teeth, however it is highly toxic
  • Toxins and chemicals - Who knows exactly - well WHO has a good idea, but we don't know what is in our water. There is bound to be Lead from broken pipes, sewerage and contaminants as well as other nasty plastics and lots of vices in our water. 

What can we do about it? Buy bottled water?

Well lots of people do that, but then you have the leaching of the plastic and also the consideration of how bad it is for the environment...
The best water that is available today without a Shadow of a doubt is natural spring water. This can be hard to find though... but if you can find one it can provide such rich nutrient dense water that is great for your health. 

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis or RO water systems are getting more and more popular though these days.
These systems only let the smallest of particles through their filters. As a result only pure H2O is able to fit through the filter and not any of the nasties that are too big to fit through.
There are a few problems with RO systems though

  • Expensive
  • Totally remove the good as well as the bad
  • As a result the water is Lab quality H2O - Dead water
  • Require the water to be rematerialised
RO systems are like antibiotics in that they remove the good as well as the bad. 
They remove magnesium, Calcium and many other natural elements that we get and need from our water.

It can't be harmful though?

This dead water has been linked by some scientists to poor thyroid operation as well as other health consequences. In fact the WHO have published an article denouncing RO water and warning of the health consequences that it has. There is an explanation here of the findings of that report.

What can I do I have a RO system already?

Well you can purchase after filter units that reintroduce natural elements. These are quite expensive and need changing annually. 
There are available Ionic drops that you can place in the clean water that can help reintroduce minerals.
Or you can add some Himalayean sea Salt into the mix as it has 84 or the natural trace elements that the water is missing.

What ever your choice is though it's best to be educated about the water you drink. And if you are drinking RO water a few easy steps can help 

Finally, if you can find a pure clean natural spring then your way to finding the best water that is out there! 
I'm on the look out for a great spring, but until then I'm adding some of this lovely pink salt to my RO drinking water!

Monday, 1 December 2014

The old ways are best

It's not really something that we think about often, but the life that we live today is totally different to the way that we have lived for thousands of years.

We can fly around the planet, communicate instantly to the most remote places and google any answer to a question we might have. The rate of advancement truly beggars belief.

Even though we have become so knowledgeable in so many areas though, we also have left some of the good behind, on a personal level.

We no longer all work outside on the land, out in the sun, but instead work inside getting very little sunlight.
This has knock on effects too. We are like plants that walk around in that we too take so much energy from the sun. We perform our own type of photosynthesis when we use the light from the sun to transform cholesterol into Vitamin D. A detailed explaination can be found here.
The light hitting our eyes also sets our circadian rhythm, our internal hour clock. This helps our body know when we should sleep and when we should wake up.

Instead of eating nutrient dense foods from nutrient dense soils, we are eating processed laboratory food that is high in grains and sugar. Something that is completely new to the human body.
We are spraying our food with all kinds of pesticides and weedkillers in order to have bumper crops that are the most profitable. This is all before we genetically modify food into the biggest and strongest crop that we can. Some food isn't even grown in soil anymore but instead is grown in nutrient rich water.

Have we come a long way as a human race? We sure have, but in doing so we have also left some of the old ways that are truly best for us.

Why not try and combine the best of both worlds?

I try to take a few simple steps to live ancestrally but in the modern world.
Here's just a sample of some of the things that I try to do:

  • Get as much sun as is safe. I don't use any sun cream that can block the good effects of the sun, instead I welcome the sun, but cover up at dangerous parts of the day.
  • Especially during winter time try to capture as much energy from the sun as possible. This can mean taking time outside when the sun does appear, and show as much of your skin to the sun as possible.
  • I don't wear sun glasses in winter time. Do you ever drive to work as the sun is coming over the horizon? Instead of putting on a pair of shades I try to use the time to let the sun get into my eyes, it's morning time brain!!!
  • Organic food is everywhere. We are fortunate enough to have our own tunnel and raised beds where we are able to grow some of our own vegetables. When our seasons supply is used up though we purchase organic foods where possible. 
  • Minimalise the amount of fake carbage food that is available today. Instead try to spend more time ci=cooking dinners from scratch using good natural ingredients. It's quick, easy and leaves you feeling far more healthy.
  • Avoid the screens late into the night. Screens completely confuse our brains about the time of day. Avoid them near bed time if possible.
  • Get an early night if possible. 
  • Get some healthy exercise. This doesn't have to be anything to strenuous, but at least be moving as much as possible. This is probably the first time in human history where we sit down all day! Even if it's as simple as taking the stairs rather than the lift.
  • Try to get dirty! We live in a world that is far too clean. We like our homes to be neat and tidy of course, but why not put aside some time where you can get dirty outside in the soil. Let those minerals in. In fact it can be good for your immune system to have those small low doses of bacteria. You'll be far better prepared for when one of those nasty winter colds come along!
  • Get some fresh air. Rather than recirculated stale air get some good fresh unpolluted air into your lungs!
All these steps can help us to get the best out of both worlds. There's many many more, these are just a few. 
The old ways were best in so many ways, let's not forget them.