Sunday, 16 August 2015

I don't know where I heard this proverb first, but I think it was on a podcast somewhere.
I'm impelled to write about it because it's been playing over and over in my mind for the last couple of months.

It doesn't take a genius to decipher what the message is about. But using it throughout your life on the other hand is quite an art.

Life is busy, Life is good, life is difficult. Life is exciting. Life is a lesson.

My life is all the above, and whether things are going good or bad, it all depends on the state within.
Mood is not dependent on external forces, instead it is based on internal peace.

For example, I don't find looking after our two children taxing in anyway when I'm at peace. But if I'm tired because of a hard taxing week, poor sleep for some reason, or lacking in some way, looking after them can be more of a chore. I have less patience.

Some symptoms might also include using things to distract yourself from the here and now. Using Tv, Internet, facebook or random things to distract or take our attention. When interrupted from such pointless things we can become unhappy or irritated.
But whats the real problem?
It's the enemy within.

What's your enemy within? Have you recognised this about yourself?

I've seen people so engaged in fire fighting problems that don't concern them, whether that be in the news, or in life in general. How happy are you? It's a hard journey finding out the source of unhappiness. Its a long and deep road that might take you to places that you've not thought of before...

For months now every time I've lost my patience or been unhappy in a situation the wise saying comes racing back into my mind. With inner peace and true self belief you can accomplish what you want. So...

"When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you."