Monday, 7 September 2015

Health tips and tricks

I've just a few more health tips and tricks going on at the moment...

We've had loads of kids parties and family gatherings recently which means things have headed south on the diet and health front. Not all out binge but definitely a turn south! It's actually turning out to be really hard to get back on the Paleo/Primal wagon again....

I've kept going on my weight lifting routine of 2/3 mornings a week. I do feel I'm getting stronger and I can see progression with the weights.

(Just to interject and interrupt myself, I'm currently writing to you with my blueblocker light glasses on. I've got my nerd on...)

So, while trying to eat healthy again, I'm having some more fat, lots of veg and low carb. Staying away from all grains also which is a huge help. I react badly to wheat so the odd bit of cake really hasn't helped!

But I digress.

The real reason I'm writing this is a new App that I've downloaded for my Iphone, and it's amazing.
It's called Sleep Cycle...

Each night I turn my iphone onto Aeroplane mode and place it on the bed beside me. Not on my pillow but maybe an inch or two away from me.
The phone then uses it's accelerometer to measure your sleep cycles. It senses the movement of your body to detect what level of sleep you are in.

It's so interesting to see a graph of your nights sleep. It has different colours for awakeness, light sleep and deep sleep.

But my favorite feature is that the app is also an alarm clock. Fore instance if you want to wake up by 6am, the app will wake you up between 5.30/6am. But it will wake you up gently with the alarm progessively getting louder when it senses that you are in the lightest sleep.

As a result you don't get rudely awoken in the deepest sleep. This can save you from the really groggy feeling of being woken mid hibernation.

You can also track and see what different habits have on your sleep. I had a couple of glasses of wine one evening and the sleep cycles were very noticably disturbed. I fell into a deep sleep almost straight away but then got tossed out of that after an hour into a long period of being awake or in light sleep. It's facinating!

Best of all, the app is free!

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