Friday, 16 October 2015

Core Values

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What I'm wittering about today is core values and how it relates to your happiness and life goals.

Core values could be defined as the things, groups or theories that we hold as important. Examples of some core groups would be things like family, spirituality, work, self growth, lifestyle, diet of choice to mention just a few. They are the core principles that we may or may not realise we live by.

A good exercise is to rank down on a piece of paper what your core beliefs are. How would you rank things in importance in your life? Where does your job scale? Family? Spirituality? Security? Fitness? Hobby? Self actualisation?
It's quite a tricky exercise, and you may even feel guilty about the order of things of importance.

But if you can be true with yourself and get a proper order written down you may start to understand why you make some unconscious decisions or why you may seem to be afraid of certain opportunities.

It is also a useful exercise if your feeling a bit lost. What do you really treasure?

All of us live busy lives, and personally, when I'm very busy I find it hard to stay true to my core values. The hustle and bustle of life can prevent us from making sure we tick our own boxes.
If I take on too much work then that can take its toll. It takes too much time and energy and as a result I can't give the attention and strength to things more important up my own list of values. Do you get me? So decisions I make can affect how true I am to myself.
Stay up late and as a result be too tired to go to the gym?

For instance. Something that's high enough on my own scale is family and myself oddly enough. If I'm not the best person that I can be, then I'm not able to serve the people closest to me very well.
So it's important to make sure that what you value is looked after and that you are true to the person that you are deep down and where you as a person want to be.
I also have a deep belief in the Paleo diet. I believe the core ideals of the diet and the benefits. So when I drift away I'm dissatisfied with myself. That's because I'm straying away from something that I view as important, drifting away from something that I view as important and true.

Henry Ford said that "if you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got!".
So we need to step away from the routine. Evaluate, step above yourself so to speak and get an overview of your passage in life. Where are you going? Why? Is it what you want? Where will it lead?

So what are some practical actions to get to your core values and maintain them?

Define your own core values. Who are you and what do you value?

Take the solitary time to evaluate your progress and direction in life. You can do anything, go anywhere, you make your world. So how are you progressing?

Which of your core values are you not being true to?

What can you do next week so as to put that right?

If it's not a hell yes, then its a no. Make every decision by making sure that it's in alignment with your values. Does someone want you to do this that or the other and you hate it or really don't want to?
I'm looking at you!

We are never finished :)

Ps. No alcohol or other mind altering substances were consumed during, before or after the writing of this blog post.

Pps. Stop watching the news. It's never good and you can't do anything about it anyway. Don't let negative *stuff in.

Just in case your wondering... :)

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