Saturday, 17 September 2016

Well it's hard to believe that it's nearly a full year since I've written anything here!

The last year has seen so many changes - like every year!

I still try and live as closely as possible to the paleo / primal principles that I believe in.
Basically- try and get 8 hours of quality sleep, eat things that are unprocessed and avoid sugars and grains.
I also try and get a decent amount of sun exposure and daily exercise. My job helps with that though as its both outside and physical.

Where I've been struggling is with keeping all these principles every day. When the stresses of running your own business and daily life all mount up, it's easy to go for an easy energy fix and to let go of what's best for you. I haven't let myself go, but at the same time I'm probably 10-12 pounds heavier and not as healthy as I was a year and a half ago. It would be green to get back there. But there's no point being negative about it, I merely have to go back to looking after myself better and keeping myself in line with what I believe, and not let work or anything like that get in the way.

So that's the diet side, the work side is amazing, every week sees an improvement in systems and procedures. This transition has been slightly stressful sometimes, but it has been an amazing growth spell. Which leads me on to the best part of the last year.

I'm a year older and maybe a year wiser.

Things are never black and white, never as obvious, you are never as bad, or as good as you imagine.

(You can see I still have the ability of talking utter...uhhh.... )

Things don't change and will never change unless you change yourself. Strip everything away... Money...possessions, who and what is left. That is your wealth.

It's futile to define yourself by these things, it doesn't work, not in the long run.

Life always throws us challenges, but do you know what, it's a chance for us to become wiser, smarter, more sure of ourselves.... To improve. Not into what other people want for us, but to fulfil who we are inside, to become who we truly are.

So hopefully it won't be as long till the next edition, in the mean time, live your life on purpose. Where are you heading, what do you want, what sort of person do you want to be... Time to improve yourself everyday...

The next episode is how I practically do that....


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